søndag 7. februar 2010

Me & Anne Taintor

For de som kjenner meg, kommer det vel ikke som noen bombe at jeg både har sans for ironi og sarkasme – dersom det brukes riktig.
Og det er vel derfor jeg digger Anne Taintor. Vet du ikke hvem det er? Kanskje du gjør det uten å vite det? Sjekk selv.

For those of you who know me, it’s no surprise I like sarcasme – if used the right way. May be that’s why I’m a big Anne Taintor fan?
Now, don't feel bad if you don't know who Anne Taintor is, because you probably do, you just don't know that you do (this line is a cut&paste from Moxie Fab World, I'm to lazy to write it all over). Check out
her page.

Moxie Fab World har en utfordring. Lag Anne Taintor inspirerte kort. Kunne jeg la være?
At Moxie Fab World there is this challenge: Taintor-tude cards. Could I resist?

Utsagnet på kortet ble sagt i fullt alvor av en bekjent.
My friend was dead serious when he said this:

Kortene er i størrelse 2,5” x 3,5”, som ATC’er. Etter at noen bedrevitere hardnakket har påstått at ATC’er må være helt flate og artsy, har jeg valgt å si at disse kortene er i ATC-størrelse – jeg gidder ikke å få kommentarer om at dette IKKE er ATC’er. Hva mener du, MÅ ATC’er være flate og artsy?

These cards are 2,5” x 3,5”, like ATCs. Some folks strongly fight the opinion that ATCs have to flat and artsy, so I’ve chosen to call these cards ATC sized – I don’t want comments about these cards not beeing ATCs. So what’s your opinion, do ATCs gave to be flat and artsy?

13 kommentarer:

Zarah sa...

Heeeeeeelt underbara! ÄLSKAR dem!! (Och jag är också ett stort fan av Anne Taintor. :))

Camilla's hjemmekos sa...

De var bare praktfulle :)

Lean sa...

oooo love it ssttt dont tell any one.
bye bye,lean.

mustangkayla sa...

lol...those are so much fun! Love the scarcasme in them!

LilleAsk sa...

Så lekre ATC'er. Fantastisk kommentar på ATC'en om kjøkkenet. Stjernekommentar, hehe.

Krissy Christie sa...

Hahaha love the sentiments on thes Hilde!!I love that kind of humour too :D In fact I have a teatowel with a similar style on it but wont write it here in case it offends ;-)

LOve those ATC's great work!!

Krissy xx

Ali sa...

I'm a big Anne Taintor fan - fab take on her style Hilde. oh and I don't mind a bit of sarcasm either :)

I like my ATCs arty but flat - no! I think texture is a really useful way of conveying depth and movement.

Tanya Tahir sa...

Love your ATC's~!!!

Celeste sa...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!

Monique sa...

Love your cards!! And no, I've never heard of Anne Taintor (well not that I know), but I still think your cards - and the text on them - are great!

And yes, Disneyland was fabulous!! but the first day we didn't use the fastpasses (the free ones) and you should definitely do that! because we were freezing (take warm clothes and shoes for the waiting lines!) as we had to wait for more than an hour sometimes! But looking back it was GREAT and worth everything!!!

Hugs, Monique

Michele Brooks sa...

Love those sentiments! Awesome ATCs! I also believe that their should be texure, if not dimension, to ATCs. TFS!

Julia Aston sa...

Oh la, la!! love them all - great designs and images!!

Cath sa...

Hey Hilde! Thanks for entering the Taintor-tude Challenge in the Moxie Fab World (x4!)! :)