torsdag 30. september 2010

Gift ideas! And lots of pink!

Last weekend we were invited to dinner with friends. The hostess really deserved a little extra for doing this - so I made her this gift set: a gift bag and some miniature cards.

It was her birthday, too, so I took the opportunity to make a feminin card (I do a lot of boy's cards so I really have a good time when I can use PINK!).

Talking about pink. DS7 was invited to a disco/birthday party to two of the girls in his class. Good for me, as I then could continue using pink for their money gift holders (I'll show just one). I made them so the young ladies still could use them as wall hangers when removing the money.

Some of my friends appreciates home made gifts. And as Christmas is approaching, I have made my first acrylic table calendar this year. I'm not sure who it's for yet - time will show :-)

All the papers, and most of the embellies, are by Crate paper and from MyScrapbookNook's September Kit

mandag 20. september 2010

Norway in a Nutshell

A lot of foreigners visit Norway each year to explore the country, a lot of them the western part with deep fjords, steep mountains and lots of history. My dad lives in this part of the country, so we take a trip over the mountains every second year (I live in the eastern part of the country), a ten hour drive.

This year we extended our trip with a few days to explore of the parts we usually just pass through. And as usual we took lots of photos, 500+. And where do you start to scrap all these photos? It's over whelming...

So I decided to look at our trip from another angel. I decided to do more journaling, and use less photos. I mini version of Norway In A Nutshell (for those of you who doesn't know, this a travel agency specializing in trips that show off the best of the west, in a very time saving way).

The Jenni Bowlin Mini Album from MyScrapbooknook September Kit was perfect.I saved the pages in the kit for my journaling, but used one of them as templetate for the pages with photos on. The design is simple and the same on all pages, giving this mini an uniform look. A doodled line around all the pages makes this mini look well decorated :-)

Please click on the image below, for a better view of the pages.

fredag 17. september 2010

Christmas cards - with non seasonal papers :-)

While I was waiting for the September MyScrapbooknook kit, I checked out if it is possible to make Christmas cards from non seasonal papers, using some of the previous kits. Very much inspired by myself *lol* I continued the work when the September kit arrived at my door. I have used QK dies for most of my ornaments, but you could easily trace the pattern yourself.

So what do you think? Is it possible to make Christmas cards with non seasonal papers, just adding some sticles and buttons?

September Kit Christmas Cards (papers: Crate Paper):

August kit Christmas Cards (papers: Sassafras Lass)

June kit Christmas Cards (papers: MME)

tirsdag 14. september 2010

Golden oldies

Last Saturday I went to a scrap show. Actually I was disapointed - very few releases from CHA (not unexpected) and not much too see I hadn't seen before. So I stocked up with bare necessities like glue and trims and decided to start the treasure hunt.

I'm picky, I admit it. And I have some old favorites I'd love to get my hands on again. And I was dying to get more rub ons. And I found nothing. I had given up, when my eyes cought an anynomous box in a corner at one of the dealers.

You can imagine the rest of the story? The happy ending? OK, I found no rubons, but I found Fancy Pants transparancies and papers - golden oldies! OMG, I haven't played with tranparancies for ages. I just love the mix of paper, tranparancies, rubons and trims. Can you guess where I was found last Sunday? Yepp, in my scrap space. Here is the first layout:

Title: Late summer with Simen

There is a story behind this photo of DS7 and the chantrelle. I work on construction sites and I'll switch site in a few months. My new site is in walking distance from our house, in fact just in the area I walk my dogs and take the kids hiking (it's not very likely a construction site should be here - I live close to the middle of nowhere!). I few things had to be investigated so I took the dogs and DS7 and headed out one afternoon to do some work. The job took about fifteen minutes and on the way home we spotted a chantrelle on one side of the dirt road. So we decided to look for more (and DS7 knows I have some secret spots where we always find this mushrooms) and in less than twenty minutes we had about a kilo. Oh, happy day! Not bad, beeing paid to spend quality time with kids and pets, and to look for chantrelles? OK, it's a lie. I wasn't payed for it.

DS7 is very interest in my work, and when I brought home my work helmut and working boots the other day, he off course had to try them on:

Title: The apprentice

søndag 12. september 2010

I have it - I have it - I have it!!!

The lovely September kit from My Scrapbooknook it is. I'm telling you, this picture does not give the kit credits enough - It's jam packed of lovely Crate Restoration papers, ribbons and trims, chipboard and stickes - and alphas. They even have spoiled us with a Jenni Bowlin Mini book!

So today I have ignored kids, husband and dogs and just played and had a ball. On my desk there are three Christmas cards (yepp, made with this collection :-) waiting for the Stickles to dry. No Christmas cards without a little sparkling, right?

This is what I have for you so far:

Did you notice the pleated paper ric rac on the bottom of this layout? Do you want to know how I made it? You can find my tutorial here.

BTW, the "Pimp my bike" is also my take on the color challenge at Scrappehuset.

In the beginning of August, hubby took the kids camping. Boy, do they sleep when outdoor/in the tent...

søndag 5. september 2010

Are you scrapping chronological?

I'm not.

Even if we take thousands of photos every year, I have an idea which I want to scrap and what stories to tell. But the layouts are not done until I get an idea about either the design, the title or I am kicked off by some beautiful papers. I still have one layout to make from the Ester Break, a few undone from Eurodisney and I have just started on the ones from Bergen. I'm seriously concidering making a simple mini album from the last one, just to get it done *lol*.

I have a seperate album from Eurodisney and as I get my ideas along the whim, it's a true mix of styles, colors and designs. But honestly, our week was a mix of colors and different experiences so it feels just right. Here are a few more layouts from Eurodisney.