onsdag 31. august 2011

I have made this year's first Christmas gift!

In the July MyScrapbooknook there was a hinge. A cute, but rather big, cream hinge. I first thought of making a binder (boring!), but then I changed my mind and decided to make wall calender.

I made mine with what left of my July Kit, but I also used scraps from four older kits – in fact, all four of them are now completely gone from my pile (feels great – I got room for new stuff *lol*)

Making this calender was fun and I wrote a class for the Nook Forum on how to make it. Well, it's not exactly a class, but I have written down a few tips you might find useful if you want to make a wall calendar. You can find it here.

Here are the pages for each month - a mix of kits and collections!

Thank you for stopping by! Curious mind wants to know - have you made any Christmas gifts yet?

tirsdag 30. august 2011

Even more cards!

Here is how it goes: I either make NO cards at all - or I make TONS. Lately I have done lots. I needed boy cards for the kids to bring to birthdays, and I had two friends who hinted they reaaaaally could need some home made cards as a presents as they enjoy giving away pretty cards (aren't those the sweetest?). And as they often give cards to women, I had an excuse to make some feminin cards, too. Yay!

For the last months I have played with the card sketches at MyScrapbooknook. I found myself wanting to make more cards last week (hello, mr mojo!!!), so when Moxiefabworld had their Card Ideas Week last week, I played along.

So I give you both the sketches, the cards I made and a few designers notes along the way.

Shaped sketch challenge:

I thought it was a great idea to crochet around the edge. I'm telling you: I will never do it again. Crotching around a cardstock is completey different than crocheting a jacket! It took me hours! I would have been half way down the jacket in the same amount of time. Obviously, this card is going to somebody who knows how to crochet and how much time it takes!

For some reason, lots of Norwegian (and Scandinavian) card makers makes they cards square. May be because we are so lazy so making 6*6" card saves you from some cutting when baking the base card from 12*12 cardstock? I pulled out the MyScrapbookNook Agust kit for this card - it's perfect for making boy's card (ha, ha, it's already gone - it went out the door the minute I made it)

So I had made the square card above, and was so into square cards, that I didn't even notice the provided sketch was for a horizonal card *lol*. OK, a sketch is just a help to get you started, right? - And you are completely free to take you own twist to it, right? I thought so *lol*. And finilly got some fuzzy hand cutting done (did you know I love it?) - the paper dolls were NOT die cuts.

Once again I pulled out the My Scrapbooknook August kit to make a boy card. So when DS8 (9 in eight weeks) is going to the next birthday, the card is ready to go. Handy, right?

Take you for taking your time to read the whole post!
And thank you MoxieFabWorld for giving me an excuse to work on my card skills!

søndag 28. august 2011

Supporteren/The supporter

Med storebror som spiller fotball har minstebarnet fått sett noen kamper etter hvert. Jeg tror han foretrekker hjemmekampene, for da er det alltid kake til salgs *lol*

With an older brother playing soccer, DS8 has seen some soccer matches! I think he prefers the matches at home ground, as he knows they allways sell cakes during the matches *lol*

Mitt bidrag til Skissedillaskisse #125.
My entry for Skissedilla sketch #125

Materials: BG Origins

Takk for en flott skisse, Skissedilla!

lørdag 27. august 2011

Cards galore

The kids are back in school and that means going to birthdays, too. With two boys aged 8 & 11 that means I need cards. My dream, for a very long time, has been to stock up on cards, so when I need one, I can just grab it. For some reason my dream has never come true, may be because they are gone the minute I have made them. Like the cards below - they are all out of the house, even if I just made them.

Over at My ScrapbookNook, fellow DTers Ingrid Danvers  and Danni reidkeep us busy with lovely card sketches and challenges. I try to participate as much as possible, both because I need cards and because their ideas are great mojo boosters. I leave a link to the challenges for each card I give to you today, so you can have a look at them yourself.

The Nook Agust kit, containing MME papers and other fun stuff, was perfect for bright, happy boy cards.

August 1th sketch:

 August 8th sketch:

August 15th sketch

Card Challenge: You are so sentimental
OK, not a boy card, but I can't make masculine cards only, right?

Member recipe swap

So what about you? Do you make your own cards?

fredag 26. august 2011

We have Hot Hunks!!!!

Last weekend's virtual crop at MyScrapbooknook was a real mojo booster. So why stop when mojo is flowing?

The masses have spoken so fellow DT memeber Katarina Damm-Blomberg has put up an awesome color combo challenge for you. And to really get you inspired, here is the image to get your mojo boost:

There is a prize involved, to read more about it, the deadlines etc, look here in the Nook Forum.

I know I'm going to play this weekend - what about you?


Last weekend's virtual crop at MyScrapbookNook was a big success  - as usual. The theme was quotes by William Shakespeare and I chose this one for one of the challenges I prepared:

Romeo And Juliet Act 2, scene 2, 2–6

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

The challenge from me iwas to make something where a sun is an important element of the design. And I was swept away by all the lovely takes created by the participant. Pick winners was hard, I promise you.
Here is the example I made for the challenge, using the MME papers in the August kit + MME paers from a number of lines. That's one thing I really love about MME - it's so easy to mix their lines.

Thank you taking time to stop by!

tirsdag 23. august 2011

Want a Guest Designer spot at MyScrapbooknook?

We have just ended a great weekend crop at MyScrapbooknook and the gallery is full of awesome creations. If you have a mojo lack or just need some inspiration, I strongly recommend taking a tour there - you will find lots of layouts, but also plenty of lovely cards.

So the crop is over, but that doesn't mean we stop having fun. Besides the daily chatting you will also find lots of classes and challenges in the forum.

Every month we have a sketch challenge where the winner is offered a Guest Designer spot.
For August, Jessy has provided us with this lovely sketch:

And here is my example, made with the August kit and some lollipos from Charm's Creations:

Are you tempted to give this sketch and /or challenge a try? You can read more about it here:

I would love to see you as a guest designer at the Nook!

fredag 19. august 2011

An early start

We like to tease and please our forum members at the Nook *lol*

So for the impatience scrappers waiting for the Virtual Crop to start, we have thrown out an early  start challenge, a scrap lift/inspiration challenge.

I made the example for the challenge, lifting super talented Pamela Brown.

Materials from the Nook August kit. Extras: white CS, buttons, photo strips, lollipops.

Are you curious about the VC and the big prize ($100 Petaloo Goodies)? Read all about it here.

Actually, when I think about it, it's Friday today. What are you up to? I need to get some sleeping done this weekend,, but I'm surely am scrapping, too - I want to suck some inpiration over at the Nook VC and play along! Have a happy weekend!

mandag 15. august 2011

Just like when I was a kid

Some things never change and kids are doing some of the things I did when I was a kid: play soccer, bike fast, play games in the garden. It's interesting to see they find it amusing to do the good old fashioned stuff, not only newer invents like computer games.

I don't know what this game is called in English, but In Norwegian it is "Krocket". DS11 hates when I beat him, and it's even worse when grandpa, 78 years old, does it :-)

All materials from MyScrapbooknook August kit.

What old fahioned games does your kids still play?


A friendly reminder - you don't miss this journaling class:

tirsdag 9. august 2011

Do you want to see my hand bag?

I just couldn't recist this handbag I found in a shop in Copenhagen some weeks ago. It reminded me of a flower with the petal shaped sides, and it's surely one of a kind. Now, all I need is an excise to use it - as I work on construction sites, and for a period have the site I'm on so close I can go by bike, a handbag is not what I use every day *lol*

This layout was made with this great sketch I found on the MME blog. I pulled out some really old papers from the said manufactorer, a line called Magnolia. Does anyone remember this? This is one of the lines I still have some left from, and NO WAY I'm giving it away - I still love the happy colors and fun patterns.

So I have had some fun making the embellies myself - pleated flowers and trims. The big flowers are cut outs from the same collection. Title and tiny flowers are rubons from Magnolia, too.

So tell me, are you a hand bag fan, or do like I usually do, just put your stuff in the pockets?

Thank you for stopping by!

mandag 8. august 2011

I have a sketch for you!

I am a sketch junkie - I love the way a sketch can bring me ideas and get my mojo flowing. If'm stuck and don't know how to start a layout, I look for sketches and will always find something.to start me.

When I satrted scrapping five years ago, I sometimes found it difficult to use sketches, as I had the feeling I needed to follow the skethch to the very end: If there was a flower on the sketch, I used flower. I would place the photos as they were placed, and the title would be in the same spot as on the sketch. But over the years I have learned to care less and trasmit sketches to fit my style.

While I was waiting for MyScrapbooknook August kit to arrive, I drew this sketch:

When the kit arrived there were no small items to fit the flowers on the sketch, but I found a few other objects that would fit the sketch perfectly. I have a class on how to do it, and about my thinking process, over at the Nook Forum, you are welcome to have a look.

If you like my sketch, feel free to use it. If you use it, please give me a link to your blog or gallery so I can leave you some love. Or even better: upload to the Nook Gallery for even more praise and love :-)

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great week!

fredag 5. august 2011

Read all about it, read all about it!

Read all about it, read all about it! Right here!

A MyScrapbooknook Virtual Crop! Coming soon to the computer just in front of you!
Honestly, you don't want to miss this one: Nook VC has a reputation of having awesome, fun challenges and prizes involved. And the forum is as always friendly, supportive and a great place for inspiration.

Do we see you there?

torsdag 4. august 2011

Summer should get a speeding ticket

Why is it that I have a feeling this summer passes at warp speed? That it's gone before it has really started? May be because the start was really grey and that it's just the last week we have had nice summer weather...

Last week I met my old Danish pen pal in Copenhagen and she asked me if I still was making cards. She also hinted that if I had too many piling up, I could send her a batch. And then a neighbour did the same thing this week. Cool, I now have an excuse to make feminin cards again! Boy themed cards are easily given away in this house, but not so many femin cards.

So when I saw the cool Card Sketch #126 at Card Patterns, I decided to make a feminin card. And the sentiment was given *lol* I'm giving this card to my neighbour on Saturday - she'll be housing all the abandonned mums here on Saturday night (hubby and the other dads around are going on their annual camping trip on one of the islands in the fjord, take the kids with them and leave us poor women all alone Friday - Sunday. How sad is that *lol*).

Anyway, here is the card she is getting, with a bunch of other cards to send, made with old feminin supplies I had laying around.

Thank you for taking time to stop by!

A purrfect day

One who knows how to enjoy the summer days is our cat Ponky:

For her "The purrfect day is to have a full belly, summer and sun. What more can she ask for?" as the title/journaling goes on this layout.

This layout is made with the great August 1st sketch at Once Upon A Sketch. The journaling criteria for this challenge is: Finish this line "A PERFECT DAY IS....." . Your journalling has to be at least 2 lines long, and with the theme of a whatever a perfect day for you is or a perfect day that you have had already e.g.  a birthday, a holiday, a childhood memory, a wedding day, graduation day etc.

OK, I have stretched the title a bit, and it's more about my cat than me, but as long as she is happy, I am happy, so I guess I have covered it all *lol*

One of my favourite color combos right now is grey + orange. I found it in My ScrapbookNook's Agust kit, and this was how I picked colors for this layout. I ended up pulling out lots of old stuff, including the background paper from BG (very, very old), and fun Sunloving rubon from MME (not that old, but still old) etc etc. I got my hands the old Ever After collection from Cosmo Cricket a while ago, and some of the papers have the same color combo - I'm just waiting for the purrfect moment to start cutting!

Did you notice the fun lollipop embellishments on my layout, like this one?

They are handmade by Charm' Creation, and I'm stalking the postman right now as I have ordered some more in different colors and shapes - I just love them.

So tell me, because I'm curious, what is your favourite color combo and embellishment right now?

PS, thank you for taking time to stop by!

onsdag 3. august 2011

Totally fun!

Two weeks ago we took a short trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. We traveled by boat from Oslo, so it was a kind of a mini cruise, and then spent two nights in the lovely capital of Denmark.

In the middle of Copenhagen there is this old amusement park called Tivoli. It's a beautiful park with old trees, lots of restaurants and of course attractions like merry go rounds, roller coasters etc. And I met my pen pal from loooong time ago, Danish Hanne - in fact, we have been pen pals for 35 years!

We are going back, you bet. Copenhagen is a beautiful city with lots of stuff to do and see. Here is a photo of the entire family, riding one of the roller coasters. Imagine, this attraction was built in 1914 and is still going strong.

All materials from My ScrapbookNook , except white CS and brads.

Here is a few things you may concider if you want some fun:

Buy yourself a MyScrapbooknook kit:

Apply for the DT at the said kit club. I don't know any place the members have so much fun together as at the forum. Read about the details here.

Take a class about journaling at MyScrapbooknook - learning new stuff is always fun!

Keep tuned - there is a virtual crop coming at the Nook - I'll let you know the details in a later post

mandag 1. august 2011

A winner, a new kit and a new "Cool" layout

How typical - I have my first day at work today after a three week long vacation - and the nice summer weather hit us on Thursday! It was totally good seeing the sun again, and I even hve had a swim in the sea, but we have had some great weeks despite the lack of sun. And I can live long on those photos taken during the vacation - theay have to be scrapped, right?

On my desk I have the MyScrapbookNook August kit. I had so much fun with the July kit, be prepared for some projects on this blog the upcoming weeks, and the August kit seems to be just as fun - I just love the bright, happy colors!

We have a winner for my $25 GC at the MyScrapbookNook Shop. It's Laurence! Could you please e-mail me your addy again (se right hand bar for my e.mail adress)? Congrats on winning again!

So what have I made with the August kit so far? I'm not going to show you all today, but here is one, the title means "Cool"

Journaling: "At the Hankoe Taverna they serve octopus shaped sausages. Cool!" DS8

So how has your summer been so far? Or maybe there is winter where you live?