søndag 31. oktober 2010

Happy Birthday, M!

I cannot believe my little boy is 11 years old already. I still can recall him beeing a baby and a toddler. But I admit I don't miss the early mornings, the diapers and the pram. Life with an eleven years old is so much easier.

M has had this long blond hear for a few years, and every time I have suggested a crew cut, he has been very determined about keeping his long hair. Until three weeks ago when he desided that enough was enough - he wanted short hair. So he had his hair cut.

Man, he was the talk of the week at school. His class mates were in complete shock and had spoken about this at home as if it was THE thing. Micheal Jackson returning would not have been talked about that much *lol*.

And I have spent a fortune on hair styling products so he can have the "right look".

So I give to you my first born, 11 years old on the 29th of October:

Did you notice the hanger? It's an altered trouser hanger from IKEA. Here is a close up (all materials from the MyScrapbooknook October Kit except hanger):

Oh, I almost forgot. I was cleaning up my scrap place the other day when I found a plastic bag from the hair dresser. I was to toss it away, but had a look in it, and what did I find? A sling from DS11's long hair. The hairdresser had given it to me as a keepsake, and I had forgotten all about it. I sometimes feel my brain has a non stick coating! And now I need to find some way to incorporate the sling to the finished layout above. Any suggestions?

søndag 24. oktober 2010

Play time!

Every time I get a Nook Kit in my hands it's like Christmas (Oh, please don't remind me that Christmas is only two months ahead of us) - Miss Leah really has an eye for how to put gorgous kits together. She does the hard work, so I, and all other kit members, just can sit down and play, play, play :-)

Someone else who knows how to make me want to play is my fellow DT member Tanya Tahir. Have you visited her new challenge blog Get Picky? For all you scrappers who like multiple photo layouts (or want to make them, but can't find a way to start), make sure you pay the blog a visit!

Their first challenge was to use this sketch and here is my take on it:

The story behind the layout: DS7 went downstairs one evening to get something to drink. He didn't return, so I went to look for him, but I couldn't find him. After a while I took a peek under a stack of garden furniture pillows laying on the coach, they were there so I could clean the floors, and what did I find? DS7 - sleeping.

søndag 17. oktober 2010

Have you ever made a Swinging Shutter Layout?

This is my first!

I bought some page protectors for the purpose long time ago, thinking they would be perfect for those layouts with lots of photos. I mean, how can you possible put a whole day downtown Paris in a single pager? At least, I can't.

OK let's start with the front.

Did you notice the vertikal slit in the middle of the paper? No? Have a look again.

When you open the page in the middel - this is what you get (click on image to get a bigger one):

Genious, right?
I kept the middle pages flat to make sure the front pages would close properly .

All materials from MyScrapbooknook October kit

søndag 10. oktober 2010

I saved my puppy from drowning!

OK, she's not a puppy any more. She is six, but she pretty much looks like a puppy and certainly acts like one.

Anyway. Sunday three weeks ago was a beautiful day and we took the dogs for a swim. We threw some sticks to them, but one of them was obviously to heavy and big for RL Scoobie. She started drifting away from the beach, but no way she would let the stick go.

In the the end the panic took her, and she just splashed around. I had no choice than getting my clothes off and swim out to get her, or she would have drowned. Don't forget: I live in Norway, we are heading winter here: I'm taking fall colors and - as I chose to call it - refreshing water.

Luckily, hubby was there with me. He had his camera. And took some pictures *lol*. And as lots of neighbours were on the beach, BBQing and fishing, I was happy I had pretty underwear on that day.

All materials are from the MyScrapbooknook October kit. If you want to know how I made this two pager layout, I have made a tutorial here.

Click on picture for a larger image:

torsdag 7. oktober 2010

September left overs

A few layouts made with the MyScrapbooknook September kit, and which I have forgotten to show. OMG, I just loved that kit: the mix of pink and girly colors and the more masculine, earth toned ones. I spent the most of the feminin papers for altered objects and cards (see posts below) and the earth tones for layouts.

BTW, I got my October kit today and I'm going to neglect kids and husband and dig in to the huge pile of goodies.

Anywhere, here are some layouts made with the September Kit:

DS7 and my brother, EuroDisney, May 2010

Taking a photo class in January:

lørdag 2. oktober 2010

World Card Making Day - and a few announcements!

Happy World Card Making Day everybody!

A lot of challenge blogs, manufactors and scrap communities are celebrating WCMD today, so are we at MyScrapbooknook as well. Please pop over to see the sketches and cards the DT has made for you to get your mojo flowing, join the challenges or just say hello!

Here is what I made:

The sketch:

My example

Feel free to use the sketch, but don't forget leave a comment with a link to your blog, so I can leave you some love!

MyScrapbooknook October Kit is here!

Take a look at this: It's yummie, right? To order, go here:

A new challenge blog!

My DT friend and multi talented Tanya Tahir, has with some of her firends started a challenge blog focusing on multi photo layouts. Go check them out - I'm so excited to see what they have up their sleeves!

Oh, I must not forget: They have a huge give away on their blog. Jump over to learn how you can win this: