tirsdag 31. august 2010

I haz a carrot!

I haz a carrot. It's a boy.

And I can prove it.

Ok you want the proof? *lol*

It's further down - it could offend somebody.




Ta ta ta da!!!!!

søndag 29. august 2010

August in review

Fall is definitely here; rain, lower temperatures, leaves starting to turn red and orange, harvesting etc etc.

Me and DS7 have been out picking mushrooms, we are harvesting carrots, squash and potatos and the farm next door is selling corn. Yummy. I've taken some photos wich will go perfectly with the My Scrapbook Nook september Kit, but while waiting for it, I'd love to show how great the August kit is. Here are some creations I made:

PS I'm telling you: I have lots and lots left of the kits, probably enough to make three times this many layouts!

fredag 27. august 2010

You don't want to miss this one!

Autumn is right around the corner, and with it we are seeing children going back to school, cooler weather moving in, shops stacked with new school supplies and brand new scrapbooking releases! It's time to celebrate with a contest and classes! Join us for Back To Scrapping, and you could win a six month subscription to the kits and many other prizes!

Each week our designers will be teaching at least four classes created to pump up your creativity and get your scrapping mojo back in the driver's seat! You will be able to gain points toward the grand prize by participating in these classes, and every class will have a randomly drawn winner for lots and lots of other prizes! Creativity, Talent and Effort are all rewarded!

We hope you will play along with us, so sign in here to get started! We officially kick off on September 1st!

søndag 22. august 2010

Back to the basics

So after a challenging myself a while, trying to be a big spender with the embellishments, I got this urge to go more simple again.

For those of you who doesn't under stand Norwegian, the title/journaling says "Even the cat had to go hungry to bed that night" Our friend Frode usually gets more fish than this.

Cats and dogs and rock'n roll. Our house is seldom quite. If the kids don't argue, the pets do...

onsdag 18. august 2010

Cut outs!

I admit: I'm not very frugal this week. But it feels good to use old papers and embellishments!

If you buy collection packs, there is often a sheet of cut outs among the papers. As often I use just a few on my first layout - and never use the rest - don't ask me why.

MME's Ooh La La collection is beautiful. And has a sheet of cut outs. I've made layouts with the collection earlier and used a few of the cut outs - as usual. When I dug into these papers again this week, I decided to spend ALL the cut outs on one single layout (se my previous post "Spend it all").

Oh happy day! I realised it's possible even for me to use cut outs! Lots of them! And it wasn't that hard at all!

I was kicked off by this great sketch over at the MME blog:

And here is my Cut Out layout:

Journaling: "We (read: the kids) did some swimming this summer, but in general the summer weather was the lousiest ever"

So what about you? Any kind of embellies you struggle with?
A tip from me - spend them all on one project.
Have fun :-)

søndag 15. august 2010

Spend it all!

Usually I don’t use much embellies on my layouts and I don’t buy many either. But they pile up: they are from kits, prizes etc. Last year I won to complete lines in a Kaisercraft challenge. I have just small pieces from the pattern papers left, and the rest of the embellies don’t seem to fit the other papers I have. So I decided to do my next layouts with a twist: start with the embellies and go from there. And I wanted to spend them all in one layout!

It went terrific! It was fun! I’ll show you a few examples:

Here are my embellies and some paper scraps from the Off Shore Collection: Stamps, Journaling spots, brads and rubons, even letter stickers.

Here is what I made:

Here are the leftovers from the Pina Collada collection:

And here is my layout:

What I have left: just the stamps, tiny paper scraps (which I have tossed away without feeling guilty) and on single journaling rubon. My next project? Use one entire sheet of Sassafralass stickers.
So what about you. Do you have embellies laying around not matching anything? Can I challenge you to look upon them with fresh eyes and use them?

lørdag 14. august 2010


I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I opened this post at the MyScrapbooknook forum the other day and found my name on the list of the new DT. OMG! It’s a dream come true! The monthly kits are stunning and the forum the most friendly place on earth. And have a look at the list and see who my new play mates are! You can tell I am far beyond thrilled! You find a link to their blogs if you click their names – go visit them to find tons of inspiration and great ideas for layouts, cards and altered items.


New DT members
Stacey Hansen-USA
Hilde Aaslund-Norway
Carol Monson-USA
Crystal Bowman-Australia
Mahlin Wiggur-Sweden
Danni Reid-USA
Ginger Williams-USA
Wendy McKee-UK

Returning DT members
Leah Killian-USA
Stacey Michaud-USA
LG Belarmino-Philipeans
Tanya Tahir-Australia
Camilla Ekman-Sweden
Trish Harwick-USA
Lori Mancini-Canada
Becky Williams- USA

Here is a sneak peak of the september kit. I can't wait to play! Want to know more? You find it right here.

torsdag 12. august 2010


Et par innlegg ned viste jeg noen bilder fra Ulriken utenfor Bergen. Det er helt utrolig at du finner dette bare et par minutter fra byen. Her er hva jeg gjorde med bildene.

A few posts down I showed some picures from the mountain Ulriken outside Bergen. It's incredible that you find this just a few minutes from town. Here is my layout about it.

søndag 8. august 2010

Cruise time!

Ferien min er slutt. Ferdig. En tilbakelagt periode. *gråt*

Bare tanken på å tilbringe siste uken i møkkavær sammen med ungene (Hvorfor skulle det bli fint? Har du sett noe fint vær i sommer?) fikk meg til å grøsse. Så jeg bestemte meg for å finne på noe.

Unga visste ikke hvor vi skulle.
Men de visste vi skulle overnatte og at de måtte ha med pass.
Og de gjettet. Og gjettet. Og gjettet.

Vi skulle på mini cruise til Kiel! Og de som ikke har tatt noe større enn Bastø-ferga før. Gjett om det var stas (og kos for meg også).

My summer holidays are over. Finito. End of period *cry*

Just the thought of spending another week with the kids in lousy weather (Why should the weather the last week be good? Have you seen any good weather around here this summer?)made me sick. So I decided to do something different with them.

The kids had no idea where we were going.
All they knew was that we had to sleep over and they needed their passports.
And they guessed. And guessed. And guessed.

We were going on a mini cruise to Kiel(Germany)! Poor kids, they had never been on a boat larger thean the ferry crossing the Oslofjord before. Guess if this arrangement was a big hit (and cozy for me, too).

Handlepenger fra farfar i lomma er som søt musikk i små gutteører.
Spender's money in the pockets, from grandpa, is like sweet music in little boy's ears!

Cruise handler om god mat og drikke også, ikke sant?
Cruise is about good food and drinks, too, right?

Original sketch: Valerie Salmon

tirsdag 3. august 2010

Skilt - Signs

Nesten uansett hvor man går er det skilt og merker: i skauen, på veien, på matbokser - ja over alt. Men det er nok ikke alle som forteller sannheten - eller er helt gyldige.

Almost everywhere there are signs and tags: in the woods, on the roads, on lunch boxes - almost everywher. But I don't think all of them are telling the truth - or are up to date.

Som på brygga hos naboen min, ikke har han bikkje, ikke er det noe særlig strøm i de nedkappede stolpene - og jeg tviler sterkt på at han har skriftelig tillatelse fra plastdunkfirmaet til å benytte den (klikk for å se større bilder):

Like on my neighbour's dock: Black sign: "Beware of the dogs" - he has no dog! Yellow sign "Danger, high voltage". On chopped wooden poles? I doubt it
And I doubt he has a written permission from the company who once owned the blue basket (click on images to make them larger).

Jeg fant disse på vei til Bergen eller i området rundt byen: Jeg trodde nå kjettinger var ment på glatt føre og ikke pga bratte bakker. Hmmm, kanskje jeg skal levere tilbake lappen? Det er ikke fare for isnedfall på Ulriken i juli, samme hvor dårlig været er! Og det ruste skiltet får tsle for seg selv.

I found these om my way to Bergen, or in the sorroundings of the town. Orange sign: "Use chains due to steep hills". OMG I have completely misunderstood. I thought we should use chains when icy roads? Yellow sign: "Falling Ice". In Bergen in July. OK, they have bad weather in Bergen, but not that bad. The rusty sign tells it's own story.

Så hva med deg - har du sett noen meningsløse skilt i det siste?

So what about you - have you seen any nonsense signs lately?