onsdag 30. mars 2011

Want to see more beach layouts?

Here they are, all featuring papers and embellies from MyScrapbookNook March kit! Whos said girly paper lines could not be used on masculine layouts? Or spring colors in winter layouts? Not me *lol*

torsdag 24. mars 2011


The lovely march kit from MyScrapbookNook is full of feminin papers from the Emma's Shoppe collection from Crate paper. I admit it, it's quite challenging when most of the pages and cards I make are boy's pages. But I have gotten used to it over the years, twisting my brain to find out how to make masculine layouts and cards with feminin pages - in my previous post you will find one typical example and I'll put up a few more next week.

So it feels GOOOOOOOD when I finally get to scrap in pink and other super girly colors. I wanted do some feminin stuff early this week, but didn't know excactly what, then Zarah challenged me to do a BOM in girly colors.


I haven't done a BOM in ages! As I often scrap my family's holidays and everyday moments, and hubby often is the one behind the camera, I show up in the layouts, but they aren't real BOMs.


Then it stroke me: I thought I had bought my last pair of jogging shoes, as I don't run anymore. I HIKE and therefore I have hiking shoes. I quitted smoking in January, and anyone who has done that knows that the kilos come sneaking on, so suddenly I found myself in a GYM. Holly crap, I haven't been in a gym since the late 80's! And in a gym, hiking shoes are totally useless, so I needed to buy my self new jogging shoes. My kids use the same shoe size as me, and I know that they easily will steal mine if theirs are wet, so to avoid that I bought shoes with lots of pink. Honestly, I believe my boys will rather walk bare feet then be seen in a pair of pink Puma shoes!

So that's what the journaling is about: why I have pink shoes!

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Brødre - brothers - a two pager :-)


My two boys are like most brothers - they fight, argue, play - and are the best friends ever if a common enemy aproach.... So behaviour like this at the pool is, I would say, a very boyish one. Tell me, does your boys do stuff like this? If you have girls, are they into this physical gaming, too?

This two pager is made with materials from MyScrapbookNook March kit. I have prepared a how to class for this layou which will be up at the Nook MB as soon as it's running again.

This two pager might be a bit different from two pagers you normally see as it is asymetric. I got the idea from browsing some digi blogs some time back, but I cannot remember which one, so I can't leave any credits. All I remember is a double spread with a huge photo on the right side, some random put photos (polaroid?) on the left side, doilies and bright spring colors like yellow and green. Do you know which one I mean? Can you give me a link so I can leave credits? Btw, browsing digi blogs are a great source for ideas and design - they are "off course" able to do stuff "impossible" with traditional materials, but there are always a few ideas to pick up - like in any traditional blog. Tell me, where have you found your inspiration lately? papers, blogs, galleries?

søndag 20. mars 2011

Lykken er... /Hapiness is...

Puppies!!! Five basenji puppies!

Valper! Fem Basenji valper!

Og de er ekstra søte fordi de er hos tante og vi kan komme og se på og kose, og når de tisser på gulvet kan vi bare si at "Tante, Bølla tisset på gulvet", og vi behøver ikke tørke og ikke oppdra dem eller lære dem "Sitt" og "Bli" eller gå tur eller noe. Fo vi har hund, og trenger ikke en ny, så da kan vi nyte tantes valper fullt og helt!

And they are extra cute because they are at auntie's house and we can come and cuddle and play with them, and when they pee on the floor we can tell it to auntie and we don't have to remove it, and we don't have to teach the puppies "Sit down" or "Stay" and learn them to behave or walk them. Because we have a dog and don't need a second one, so we can enjoy auntie's puppies!

This layout was made with this sketch from SEI. The beautiful papers are from my all time favourite collection from SEI: Moravia. I wonder if there are any stores out there who still have them? If you know one, please let me know.

onsdag 16. mars 2011


Først: tusen takk til alle som har vært innom blogen min og tittet i det siste, det betyr mye for meg at dere tar dere tid. Og så legger noen igjen kommentarer, og som de fleste andre, synes jeg det er veldig stas. Tusen takk!

First: thank you all all of you who has visited my blog lately, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! And some of you even leave comments, and as most of you, I just love it! Thank you so much!

Sjekk denne flotte skissen fra Skissedilla (#103):
Have a look at this lovely sketch over at Skissedilla (sketch #103):

Jeg begynte å leke med noen bilder tatt i helgen, og endte opp med en layout helt uten mønsterpapir. Det var ikke meningen - det bare ble sånn :-) Men helt bevisst valgte jeg å bruke en vaniljefarget bakgrunnskartong for å kunne spille mer på fargene i bildene.
I started up with playing with some photos taken this weekend and ended up with a layout completely without patterned papers. I didn't intend to - it just happened :-) But I new what I was doing when I chose a vanilla colored background cardstock: I wanted to emphasize the colors in the photos.

Det er vanskelig å helt tro på våren selvom kalender vise mars, når fjorden er full av fersk pakk-is.
It's kind of hard to believe it's spring, even if the calender says March, when the fjord is full of newly arrived ice, piling up...

mandag 14. mars 2011

Say Hello to my dad!

My dad is like those migrant birds: he leaves the country some time before Christmas and doesn't show up until about easter again. I can understand why: the western part of Norway, where he lives, is wet and cold during winter (no snow really, and if they get snow, the authorities doesn't know how to handle it), and Las Palmas, Canary Islands, is a much better place to spend those awful 4-5 months.

The Canary Islands is a five-and-a-half hour plane flight from Norway, so obviously we don't see him much during winter. But this winter we did, as we spent a whole week on the islands!

The photos of him might not be of best quality, but I don't really care, I scrap them anyway. I rather want to help the kids to remember that grandpa actually lived on those islands, and that he still could raise a glass in a beach restaurant at the age of 75, than not doing it because the photos was a little orange...

The idea to this layout came when I saw the sketch challenge #21 at MME and the theme: Celebrate Today. My dad all reasons to celebrate that spesific Sunday, finally having his daughter and grand children visiting him.

Thank you for stopping by to see my dad and my work :-)

søndag 13. mars 2011

Jeg fant, jeg fant! /I found it, I found it

-Jeg fant, jeg fant!
-Hva fant du nå da, Scoobie?
-Ingen ting, og det var egentlig skikelig kult.

RL Scoobie driver med tilsynelatende umotivert graving av og til....

The title is from an old Norwegian fairy tale about this poor boy, Espen, who collects items he finds along the dirt roads. Every body else laughts at him and keep asking him what he has found this time, but off course he need all the items in the end of the story and he marries the princess.

-I found it, I found it!
-What did you find this time, Scoobie?
-Nothing actually, and that was really cool!

RL Scoobie does some no purpose digging once in a while...

Denne layouten er mitt svar på Scrappehusets scraplift/inspirasjonsutfordring for mars. Jeg lot meg inspirere av det monokromatiske utrykket på layouten, og selve designet, og så har jeg vridd litt på begge deler for å passe med de materialene og bildene jeg hadde :-).

This layout is my take on Scrappehuset's scraplift/inspiration challenge for March. I found the monochromatic colors and the general design on the example layout very appealing, so I used that as a start, and made my own twist to it to better fit the materials and photos I had :-)

Takk for at du tok deg tid til å komme innom!
Thank you for taking your time to visit!

lørdag 12. mars 2011

Using up the scraps!

I'm waiting impatiently for the March MyScrapbooknook kit (se post below), and I am waiting impatiently for some new stuff I have ordered (hey hubby, I have ordered just a few items, and if you think I have too much already, I'll show you some youtube videos of other scrap spaces, and I promise, you will never, never again say I have enough).

But I can't stop scrapping just because I don't have any new stuff, or because I'm done with all my assignments for a (short) period, right? So I'm enjoying myself using up old supplies, so happy whenever there is an empty plastic bag to toss away because that means I have used up some older items!

When I saw this challenge over at Cosmo Cricket, I got this idea that I would try to use up my old CC. And I was shocked to find out that all CC I had left was some paper scraps from an old Christmas collection I don't even remember the name of, a sheet of stickers from a not so old Christmas line and plenty of chipboard from a few different collections. Oh, and there was a sheet of rubons from the Forever After collection left, my all time high fav line from CC.

I. Had. Spent. Every. Singel. Piece. Of anything else I had. Except for a few tiny alphabeth stickers. I guess that tells me I liked the papers and collections since there is nothing left.

So I grabbed my Christmas papers and stickers, and the chipboards and rubons, and made this layout about the wild animals on the Canary Islands - or to be more spesific - the lack of them:

Do you find the gekko in the photo, btw?

fredag 11. mars 2011

Start stalking the mailman!!!

My ScrapbookNook has started shipping the march kits. Look:

Brand new stuff from Crate Paper and MME + some more!
And to tease you even more, here are some more details from the kit:

Hmmm, I wonder if I need to borrow me a little girl and shoot some photos so I can use even the most girly parts *lol*

Not a subscriber? Have a look here (I'm telling you, even if you need to pay for overseas shipping, if you not are resident in the US or Canada, the prize is surprisingly low). What do you say, are you tempted?

torsdag 10. mars 2011

How romantic...

I need to show you the photo from the challenge promt at Get Picky and the words following:

Welcome to this month's inspiration challenge prompt. We decided to embrace all things romantic with this gorgeous image below...who wouldn't want to come home to this....

When I saw this challenge I though NO WAY I can do this: there is so little pink and baby blue in my life (I'm the mum of two BOYS!) and leaving on a jet plane for a romantic weekend with hubby hasn't been possible for the past years!

But wait! There is a bed in that photo! And a lot of white! And I have some Sleepy Head photos! So I pulled out my pink and blue papers and a LOT of rubons and made a layout! Honestly I don't my layout would have looked like this if it wasn't for the get Picky challenge, but I love the way it turned out!

So you think I failed the challenge because my layout is not about romance? It is! Or about the lack of it, it is beetween the lines in the journaling: "Vacations are not all about action and exploring, but also about lazy mornngs - and never ending discussions in the evenings about who is sleeping where - like in the extra bed which is in the drawer under the sofa. This particular night M lost..."
Well, from experience I have learned that the queen size bed not necessarely is the most comfy bed in the appartment, the extra bed might be just as good or even better, but sleeping in a drawer, with the hubby snoring on the coach, isn't very romantic :-)

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Kult! / Cool!

DS8's reaction when I asked him how scuba diving in the pool was like (see the previous post for the story).

As I said in my previous post, I planned to make a swinging shutter layout for the entire scuba diving story. The 6*12" layout above is the left side of the multiple page layout, her comes the right side:

The basic design on both this pages is Sketch #227 from PencilLines.
The middle of this layout was made to fit the to swinging edges - her is what the layout looks like when it's all put together (I'm sorry the colors are bad on the right side - the lence I used for the photo seems to be too weak for such a wide angel, but when I discovered there was no daylight left...).

DS8 didn't dare to dive in the open sea - too big waves - but hubby did!

Thank you for taking you time to stop and have a look! All your visits and comments mean a lot to me!

søndag 6. mars 2011

The scuba diver

At the hotel we stayed at in Grand Canary Island, there were different activities each day,anything from soccer to shuffle board, and they were for both kids and adults. One day there was this Introduction to Scuba Diving, and there was an instructor from the local diving center to guide us. DS10 wanted to give it a try, and after going throught necessary safety procedures, he was allowed to go scuba diving in the pool, the instructor following him very closely.

we felt very comfortable with this instructor and the safety precautions he took, so when DS10 asked if he could take a class an the diving center the next day, and then go scuba diving in the sea with the instructor, we said yes. To see how this goes, keep an eye on my blog, because my next layouts will be from that class and the dives.

Btw, did you notice the vertical slit/line in the middle of this layout? It's there because this is going to be the front page on a "swinging shutter" layout. If you haven't heard of it, here is an example. In my next post on this blost, I will reveal the inside pages of this multipage layout, so stay tuned!

This page was made with Creativ Scrapper'Sketch #145, and all papers are from SEI.