søndag 30. oktober 2011

Card makers: We have a big prize for you!

If you want the details, visit this thread at mMyScrapbookNook: there is a HUGE prize involved in this challenge, and the first challenge is up today.

Jump in to deep water with the newest contest at the Nook! Card Sharks is a fast paced, four week battle of creativity to find out who the big fish in our amazing pool of talent it! If you enter, you may find yourself doing swimmingly. . .or you may be in over your head!

There will be four weeks of challenges (two per week, plus bonus games) in an elimination style challenge. With opportunities to be cut from the next round (and brought back!) --will you make it to the last round?

Tons of creativity inspiring prompts all based on your favorite, classic card games will push you to new creative heights- and put you in the running for fabulous prizes."

To join this contest, sign up on this thread, and start working on your first entry due November 7th!

*If for some reason you are having difficulty registering on the forum, shoot Leah at e-mail at everydaylou at yahoo dot com.

lørdag 29. oktober 2011

Are you ready for a blog hop?

Are you guys ready for a blog hop with our DT?

This will be a great opportunity to

•learn more about new and old DTers
•see some never-before-seen creations
•get tons of inpiration
•win some prizes
•win some more prizes
•a fun challenge
•and just have fun

Are you ready for it?

To give you a clue what the theme is I have a sneak peak for you:

Is there anyone out there who wants to guess?

Start spreading the word, invite some friends and stay tuned for further details!

tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Scrap lift with a twist

Do you ever scrap lift?

I don't think I do it often enough! I've done it a few times and there is so much to learn from it: design, use of colors, details, tecnique etc. You really don't have to scrap lift the entire layout you know, picking a few elements can be enough to pick up a few new things.

Over at MyScrapbookNook we have a monthly happening where we feature one of our forum members and challenge the members to find inspiration from the layout and create their own layout from this.

This time we made a twist:

DT member Kim Moreno picked one of Sherri Funks lovely layouts:

made this sketch from it, and gave it to the the DT:

The DT made some examples from the sketch, we didn't know which layout Kim had picked, and here is mine, made with the fabolous October kit.

The burlap banner is simply made of the same burlap stripe you see on the left side of the layout.

Do you want to give this sketch a try? Don't forget to link back to this thread, and/or the gallery so we can leave you some love. You will also find more DT examples, and what the forum members create, in the same thread.

I'm curious - do you scrap lift?

mandag 17. oktober 2011

I haz a happy - and a two pager

Are you good at keeping secrets? I am, but it's hard, so I'm happy I can shout from the roof tops just a few days after receiveing a happy mail from Kristine Davidson:

I'm now a proud DT member of the lovely sketch blog Creative Scrappers - I'm telling you for a sketch junkie like me, this is scrapper's heaven *lol*

So congrats to me and all the other DT members:

Janna Werner - Germany
Brenna Smith - Canada
Fiona Kenward - Australia
Ana Castro - Brazil
Hilde Aaslund - Norway
Ulrika Blomfelt - Sweden
Kerryn Lawson - Australia
Myriam Mantion-Ginel - France
Daniela de Sá - Brazil
Solange Marques - Brazil
Marielle LeBlanc - Canada
Marie-Anne Kimpton - France
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland
Mariska Walter - Netherlands
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA
Amelia Khalik - Malaysia
Felicitas Klink - Germany
Marianne Sjoberg - Norway
Marina Yazawa (Kanga) - Japan
Marie Johansson - Sweden

Do you, like me, have school photos lying around? Do you, like me, find them hard to scrap? I don’t know if it is the size they come in, they are often so big, the colors, the theme…

Here, we all get a copy of a group photo, too, when the kids are 1th graders. I must admit I was very disappointed when we got a collection of portrait photos instead, when my oldest son was six. It has hung in his room until now, but when we did a renovation there two weeks ago, I decided to scrap it – the kid is now a 7th grader and find this photo not very decorative any more *lol*

Over at MyScrapbooknook I have a class where I share with you how you can make a portrait collection like this a little more interesting by transforming it to images perfect for a two pager.

What do you do with school photos? Frame them? Hide them? Scrap them? Tell me, I'm curious!

lørdag 15. oktober 2011


So we might have had the worst summer weather ever this year, but the fall has been lovely: good temperatures and not too much rain. And the colors are just lovely.

I got out of the door early one sunday morning three weeks ago to catch the morning light and the warm colors. The good thing about fall as you don't have to be an early bird to see the sun rise *lol*

The MME collection Lost and Found II, featured in this month's kit at MyScrapbooknook, is just perfect for those fall photos!

mandag 10. oktober 2011


.... goes with anything, actually!

MyScrapbooknook October kit featuring MME Lost and Found collection.

fredag 7. oktober 2011


The last weeks has been extremely stressfull at work - don't even get me started on the reason why. It has been so bad that I haven't slept very well at nights, I haven't been social at all, and I have had no energy to scrap or do anything creative.

They say "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", and as I am still alive and the crazyness seem to have come to an end, I must be stronger, too - how nice to know *lol*

The urge to scrap returned, and to get my mojo flowing while waiting for MyScrapbooknook's October kit to arrive, I decided to use some sketches to start with. The last two at Creative Scrappers were perfect for some photos I had.

This summer must have been the lousiest EVER! But the kids haven't minded much - as soon as it was a glimp of the sun, they went to the beach to swim. In my opinion the water was too cold, but they didn't agree and define this summer as one of the best ever. This photos of DS8 and his BFF was taken during a summer pasty at the beach, hence the title.

Got to love this bright happy colors on this Fancy Pants collection, right?


I grow vegetables in my garden, and pulling up the carrots it's always fun: you never know what you get. last year we had a boy carrot, this year we're having fourfolds :-)

For this layout I pulled out some old Cosmo Cricket papers, the ever after collection, one of my favourite papers EVER, and played with rubons and other embellies found in my big pile. Are you like me, feeling good when it comes to seeing old stuff beeing used?


TGIF and life is back to normal. I'll be busy this weekend moving anything out from my scrap room and starting the reno process. I know it's hard work, and I'll probably not be back in there next week, but I'm really looking forward to getting rid of the ugly Thomas the Tank Engin wall paper which is there.

Have a wonderful weekend! Anything exciting coming up?

tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Walnuts, yummies and even more yummies

About eight years ago we planted a walnut tree in our garden. People tell us we are crazy as none has ever seen such a tree here earlier. Can a walnut tree survive with the cold winters we have? Well, I have a Gingko Biloba which obviously like it here, and a Wisteria which has survived for some years dispite extremely cold winters so I have a feeling there is hope for my walnut tree, too.

Last year my walnut tree bloomed for the first time, but there was no fruit. The tree bloomed this year, too, but we thought there would be no fruit this year either. But then, in July, I discovered something on my tree. And yes, it was walnuts: not enough to feed a family, but at least two fruits.

So we're watching the fruits every day, very excited to see how this finally turns out. Title on LO: Finally

I made this layout for a Scraplift Chain over at MyScrapbooknook. Have you ever tried that? It was so much fun! I was first one on my team and was given a sketch to create from. I sent my layout to Laurence, who was the next on our team, she sent her layout to Lilith and so we passed layouts on until all the members on the team was done. You can see the whole reveal here.

I'm stalking the mailman these days. Why? just have a look at this:

Lets make something gorgeous with the new Lost & Found lines from My Mind's Eye! With snappy black and yellow, tempered with a touch of bluest sky, your memories will dazzle showcased with this beautiful kit! This kit blooms with flowers, sparkly pins, journaling inspired stamps, super cute ruffle trim and much, much more! Perfect for black and white photos, art journals, cards and more!

Grab your kit today before they sell out! A deal this pretty flies off the shelves in a hurry!
But wait - there is more:
Danni and Leah are giving card classes. And to get your mojo flowing, they have put together this wonderful card kit:

You can read all the details about the classes and see more photos of the kit here, and buy the kit here. I promise you, I was the first one in line in the shop when I saw this!

So tell me, what have you seen in shops you just couldn't resist lately?

mandag 3. oktober 2011


How freqently, and how many times, must an event happen before you can call it a tradition?

My hubby and the dads around here has taken the boys out on an island camping for at least ten years, every year the first weekend of august. No mums are allowed, not even on short visits, and the ingredients seem to be the same every year: tenting, fishing, BBQs, swimming - actually doing not very much *lol*

I think the kids, when they look back on their childhood in twenty years, will call this annual happening a tradition.

All materials MyScrapbookNook September kit/
Crate Paper/Random

OK. I admit it - I'm curious: Do you, or your family, have any traditions which you have made a tradition youself?