tirsdag 14. september 2010

Golden oldies

Last Saturday I went to a scrap show. Actually I was disapointed - very few releases from CHA (not unexpected) and not much too see I hadn't seen before. So I stocked up with bare necessities like glue and trims and decided to start the treasure hunt.

I'm picky, I admit it. And I have some old favorites I'd love to get my hands on again. And I was dying to get more rub ons. And I found nothing. I had given up, when my eyes cought an anynomous box in a corner at one of the dealers.

You can imagine the rest of the story? The happy ending? OK, I found no rubons, but I found Fancy Pants transparancies and papers - golden oldies! OMG, I haven't played with tranparancies for ages. I just love the mix of paper, tranparancies, rubons and trims. Can you guess where I was found last Sunday? Yepp, in my scrap space. Here is the first layout:

Title: Late summer with Simen

There is a story behind this photo of DS7 and the chantrelle. I work on construction sites and I'll switch site in a few months. My new site is in walking distance from our house, in fact just in the area I walk my dogs and take the kids hiking (it's not very likely a construction site should be here - I live close to the middle of nowhere!). I few things had to be investigated so I took the dogs and DS7 and headed out one afternoon to do some work. The job took about fifteen minutes and on the way home we spotted a chantrelle on one side of the dirt road. So we decided to look for more (and DS7 knows I have some secret spots where we always find this mushrooms) and in less than twenty minutes we had about a kilo. Oh, happy day! Not bad, beeing paid to spend quality time with kids and pets, and to look for chantrelles? OK, it's a lie. I wasn't payed for it.

DS7 is very interest in my work, and when I brought home my work helmut and working boots the other day, he off course had to try them on:

Title: The apprentice

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Lean sa...

wauw great story´s i must say and your lay-outs are beautiful as always byebye,lean

Rach H sa...

I love the movement on the first layout! Gorgeous!