onsdag 12. januar 2011

Party time!

The winter is hard for the little birds around here so we feed them the whole season with seeds, nuts, grains and fat. And when we put out sheafs of grain, it's really party time for the yellowhammers!

This photo was taken just before Christmas when we put up a new sheaf of grains and I found that the MME Fine and Dandy, True Blue Collection, was a perfect match for this photo. I started working with the MME sketch at Blog Challenge #19, but chosed to work with it at a smaller scale on the 12*12 background paper, to get it all together like I wanted it to. There is no rule against that, is there *lol*?

The whole layout:

And a close up (click on image to discover that you can see the wing movements of the bird on the photo):

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Ingrid sa...

Så stilig denne var! Digger oppsettet og fargene du har brukt!