torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Lesson learned!

Some times I wonder if we totally have failed as parents, and that our kids haven't learned anything from us. Like last winter when a neighbour called at our door, told us they had flat tires, and that they had reason to belive our kids was involved in putting up a row of nails across our street.

My kids were involved, and so was one of the boys next door. And there was a total of three cars with flat tires. When we asked the kids WHY? they said they just wanted to hear the funny sound from tires beeing penetrated by spikes, like they had seen/heard on films. Obviously it never occured to them that tires got broken from this and that somebody had to pay for it.

Luckily just one of the cars had to have all tires changed, the rest of them could be fixed, but this prank ended up as a $1000 one. Lucky for me the kids had savings, but for them it meant they could kiss new iPads good bye....

I do hope they have learned their lesson...
And I'm going to show them this layout when their first borns are here, just to remind them about what parenthood also is about *lol*

Real nails - the ones they used...

The color combo, and idea for this layout is from CSI Case File #39:

  • Rubons (Swirl in right corner under photo, green "stitching" and printed alpha down the left side of the photo, white arrow)
  • Map print (under photo)
  • Stars
  • I have journaled about a lesson learned - a short version of the story on top of this post.
Colors & Sketch
  • All five colors are used + white (= neutral according to the rules) and a hint of brown on the journaling spot under the photo (less than 10% accent colors are allowed according to the rules)
  • The sketch is used.

What do you say, did I nail this challenge?

4 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

den blev så snygg ♥ gillar "gnuggisarna" och IRL detaljerna

Elisabeth sa...

ai ai ai, snakk om herlig historie da.....digger fargene du har brukt her.....takk for titten

Laurence sa...

Oh My God! What a lesson ! Nice you could make a page, it's great, but sure it was a very bad trick !

Ali sa...

Ouch! Tough lesson for both parents and kids. Great LO though - you definitely nailed it ;-)