torsdag 11. september 2008

The Nook University Classes (TNUC)

TNUC er en serie med utfordringer hos My Scrapbook Nook.

Her er noe av det jeg har laget, og mer kommer:

TNUC is a lot of challenges at My Scrapbook Nook.

Here are some of my takes on the challenges, and more is to come:

Den første: å lage en LO om rutiner:
The first one: to make a layout about routines

Den andre: la deg inspire av et kunstverk og bruk denne inspirasjonen i LOen. Jeg har brukt Hundertwassers "Hus i Wien" til bakgrunnen
The second: Be inspired by a piece of art and use this inspiration in an LO. I was inspired by Hundertwasser's "House in Vienna"

Den tredje: Ta bilde av deg selv mens du leser en bok og ha en journaling på mist 50 ord, på engelsk!
The third: Take a picture of yourself while reading and make a journaling consisting of at least 50 words, in English

Journaling: "I learned to read when I was five. And I did a lot: at least a book a day until I was twelve. As a first grader, I didn’t follow the classes in Norwegian; I was sent to the school’s library instead, as the class was boring, and I got noisy. Later there was more homework and other activities to join, so I didn’t have time for that much reading. But I still would read a book a week.
Then I became an adult, and as single I had plenty of time to read – and I did. In some way, having a career, husband, children - and dogs – and later finding the joy of scrapping, stole my time – so now the only time I find for reading is in bed…"

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