fredag 17. april 2009

Skissedilla: skisse #3

De har allerede kommet til skisse nr. 3 hos Skissedilla. Og jeg er med. Flott skisse med masse muligheter.

They have already presented their sketch #3 at Skissedilla. And I'm in. Great sketch with lots of possibilities.

Her er skissen, laget av Broggis

Here is the sketch, made by Broggis

6 kommentarer:

Pia sa...

super flot layout

Anonym sa...

Så mange flotte lag!

Herlig bilde!

Takk for at du deltar!

Anonym sa...

Hey Hilde,

I followed your link from the CISters - great blog and I love that sketch and what you did with it - might have to try it too :)

I'm super impressed with your bilingual skills, I wish I spoke/wrote another language as well as you use English. I studied German at Uni but there is not much use for it here in Australia so I am very rusty :(

Ali xxxx

Anne sa...

Kjempefin løsning på skissen!

Kerryn sa...

Gorgeous work here Hilde. Hope to see more of it at CIS :).

chelemom sa...

Great LO!!!! : )