onsdag 28. juli 2010

Klar for EuroDisney - Ready for EuroDisney

Jeg ble positivt overrasket over EuroDisney: arkitekturen, atraksjonene, hvor gjennomført alt var. Siden vi dro utenom høysesongen var det ikke for lange køer heller, så vi fikk prøvd det meste.

I was positivly surprised by EuroDisney: the architecture, the attractions, how stylish it was. And since we were there off season, the lines weren't too bad and we managed to try out what we wanted.

The most known attraction?

Og jeg fikk endelig scrappet med råååååsa.
And I finally got a chance to scrap with pink!

Jeg bare MÅTTE ha disse:
I just NEEDED these:

The papers from Lily Bee was just perfect for this picture!

3 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

hahahhah you just gave me my first laugh today! Scoobie you are the best!

Ali sa...

Hehee - those ears and that expression are priceless :) Love your use of pink too.

Lean sa...

hihihi minimus i was suprised you used pink but i love your work...yesyes mini also.