onsdag 24. november 2010

Just scraps left...

... OMG, I cannot believe I spent the whole MyScrapbookNook November Kit already. It's probably because the CC Circa 1934 collection rocks and it's so fun to work with (keep an eye on this blog - I have more to show you). But I'm not tossing the last scraps away: I collect them in a page protector and squuese even more layouts out of the kit and collection by turning into a more graphic style.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a twin. Or slightly shizofren. I need to do layouts that fill out the whole page - and I need to do pages that are more minimalistic and graphic in style.Like this one. I never stop beeing amazed that the same range of papers can be used for both styles. So what about you, do you feel shizofren some times, too?

DS8 made Christmas cards at his grandma's last year (Nope, I still haven't finished scrapping all the 2009 Christmas pictures yet *lol*)

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pysselpetra sa...

Älskar den här layouten! så snygg - färgerna, designen, proffsig!