mandag 27. desember 2010

Fregner - Freckles

When I browse the layouts I have made this year, there seems to be more with DS8 than with DS11. It might be because DS8 is more around, and stick his stuff up in the camera whenever possible. He is also the kind of kid who is creative and make lots of things, so it's easy to get him on film. DS11 is more of an action boy, and it's hard to take his photos as he a) as often makes funny faces when he sees a camera or b) is on long distance (tell me, how many long distance golf photos can I scrap?).

Do you have it that way too? Find that one kid is on more pages than the other?

When we went tree hunting last weekend (see post below), I finally got DS11 to stand still long enough so I could have a photo shot with him. I noticed he gets freckles so quickly when he spend time outdoors and he looks so cute (but don't tell him I used the C-word). I apologize it doesn't show very good on the image below, but you can trust me on it. I find taking photos of photos very hard, btw. The skin tones on the original photo tend to turn orange on the second photo. Any tips?

This layout is made with sketch #3 at GetPicky. Head over for a great 4 photo sketch! Thank you Tanya &co for another great challenge!

Most materials from MyScrapbooknook March Kit

4 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

Vansinnigt snygg layout Hilde!
och jag ser att du använt ett av mina all-time-favorite-nook-kit.

Jag får helt enkelt ta och lifta din layout :)
Kram Petra
ps ja jag har varit snäll och fått ferie i jul :)

Ali sa...

My two kids freckle up the second they see the sun too. I think they are cute but it's not a word I'm game to say out loud lol. Fabulous LO - love the colours and your take on the sketch. Sorry I have no tips for photographing photos - but if you get any I'd love to hear them too!

Nikki xx sa...

Oh wow! Your layout really is lovely :):):) I love how you've used the snow flake in place of the circle too! Thanks so much for sharing your layout at Get Picky:):):)

LG sa...

what a fun layout! I love that you've used the March kit because it's perfect for those adorable photos