onsdag 29. desember 2010

I have a cordless mouse!

I was kind of disgusted when I arrived at our work barack (right now I work at a construction site out in the woods) last monday and discovered that we had had visitors. The scroller at my Roller Mouse was chewed on as well as the main bar, and when I tried to log into the computer the T and the G on the keyboard was stuck together. Somebody had used it as a toilet...

The intruder showed up at lunch time on Tusday again and he wasn't shy at all. I thought he (I assume it's a boy, no girls wold pee and pooh on a key board, right?) would run away as soon as he saw me, but no. Even when my co workers showed up with cameras with flashes, he just run arpund on my desk, like he was all alone.

Anywhere, here he is, my cordless mouse. We call him Little Vegard, named after my boss (why is a totally different story which I'm not sharing in public *lol*), but his official name is Apodemus flavicollis (Yellow Necked Mouse - Skogmus in Norwgian). The journaling is about what I already have told you :-)

This layout was made by the lovely December 1th sketch from Stuck?!. Head over to Stuck?! to see it and play - there are endless possibilities and make sure to leave the Creative Team some love!

3 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

det är för de här historierna som jag alltid ser fram emot att besöka din blogg Hilde - du får mig alltid att skratta !!!
Snyggt dokumenterat!

Kerryn sa...

What a great story. I love the design of this page :).

The CIS days seem so long ago now don't they? I still love checking out your blog and hope you have a fabulous 2011 Hilde :).

Irene sa...

Jeg digger den musa! Tøøøøøff!