fredag 24. juni 2011

Micro beads, rotten trees and a kid

I'm quite sure DS8 is going to be a scientist when he grows up - he's the kind of kid that is curious and wants to know how things work and why, and he still investigates the nature around us.

Two weeks ago he and I took a bike road to a small forrest not far away. It's an interesting place, a nature reserve with some giant trees and viking graves. No timber is taken from this reserve and old trees are allowed to rotten and fall down,  so insects can establish habitats and "life go on".

Peaking down in a hole in a rotten tree is both scaring and exciting for DS8. He expect the worst (zombies and snakes?) but is happy when he finds nothing but ants and other bugs.

Do you, like me, have some old scrap stuff stoved away you never have had the heart to toss out? Among other old stuff, I have a collection of micro beads, and I wanted to play with them again! It was just as messy as I remembered but maybe more fun than last time! New tecniques, materials and styles has developed during the past years, and I'm definitely using the beads differently than back then.

The Love Game collection from Glitz Design had the (in my opinion) perfect colors for the photo of DS8 and the theme - masculine but still soft. The brads are just as old as my beads, and the red alpha from SEI not new either - I hoarded them when they was at clearance at a web shop. This layout is btw based on this sketch on the Glitz blog.

So tell me, have you pulled out some old stuff and played with it lately? Do you use it differently than you did when it was "in"?


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6 kommentarer:

Annika sa...

Great layout Hilde! Nice job with the microbeads! Makes a nice touch!

Monique sa...

Love the journaling and the photo! Your DS sounds like a sweet kid!!
Sorry I don't comment on your blog so much, but ever since I upgraded my Windows software my laptop is sooooo slow and it takes my half an hour to reach the end of the blog post and leave a comment!
Have a wonderful weekend!

pysselpetra sa...

härlig känsla i den här layouten. Jag tog nyligen fram några gamla favoritpapper och använde till ett skissuppdrag .. papper som jag sparat och parat för att de var för fina att använda - kändes bra.

Rachael Funnell sa...

Super Dooper Awesome layout....
Those mirco beads looks Fantastic!!!
Yes!I pulled out & had a play with the good old eyelets.. & put them on a couple of layouts.... Just last week...
Enjoy your day!

Lea L. sa...

What a fun use of Love Games!! It is so fun and whimsical...perfect for the subject matter!! Thanks for playing in the "Get Your Glitz On" sketch challenge!!

Audrey Yeager sa...

Well I am glad that it WAS only anys and bugs in that tree! Such a great page and love all your folding and layering! Thanks for joining the monthly Glitz challenge!