søndag 5. juni 2011

A winner, a slacker, a June kit and a new chance to win!

Let's start with the slacker who is ME! OK, I'm actually not a slacker in general, but when it comes to blogging the previous week, I'm probably the biggest slacker ever. I have been off work since thursday, so has the kids, but not the hubby. The weather have been beautiful, so I have chosen to neglect anything scrap related and the cyber world in general and do stuff I/we wanted to; garden work, biking, NOT ironing or house work. Feels good, but I am a little behind on everything and see a busy week coming up *lol*

Do you ever do it? Just give a damn about all the Should-have-dones?

The weather forecast predicts lousy, rainy days for the next week which means SCRAPPING! And I have this fabolous June Kit from My Scrapbooknook to play with. I have started cutting, I started on a two pager layout class before I got lazy, and it's magnificent, I promise - suitable for both boy and girl pages! If you want one, you can buy it here.

Oh, I almost forgot: I had a May Kit Give Away. Hubby has playeed Mr Ransom, I asked him to say a number from 1-4 (four entries, I'm counting from the top) and he said #3. And # 3 on my list is: Ann Cicilie. Send me an e-mail at hilde_at_aaslund_dot_com with your addy, to claim your prize!

But wait, here is another chance to win a May Kit. Visit the AlterdPojectInc blog to see how to do it!

4 kommentarer:

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

Uh huh! I am having that moment right now...couldnt careless about all that needs to be done. There is always something that needs to be done you know..

Cant wait to see what you do with the kit

KarenB sa...

Congrats to your winner Hilde. Good on you for getting out and enjoying your beautiful weather with the family xx

Ann Cicilie sa...

Torsdag scrappet jeg hele dagen, men de tre andre fridagene har jeg bare gjort det jeg ville jeg også :) Det vil si, fredag brukte vi faktisk det meste av dagen på å gjøre huset klart til vi fikk vennebesøk fra Norge...

Tusen takk for kit'et Hilde, gleder meg sykt til å kikke på det med fingrene!

Anonym sa...

Trevlig blogg här! Även din sida laddas snabbt! Jag önskar min hemsida laddats upp lika snabbt som din. lol