tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Walnuts, yummies and even more yummies

About eight years ago we planted a walnut tree in our garden. People tell us we are crazy as none has ever seen such a tree here earlier. Can a walnut tree survive with the cold winters we have? Well, I have a Gingko Biloba which obviously like it here, and a Wisteria which has survived for some years dispite extremely cold winters so I have a feeling there is hope for my walnut tree, too.

Last year my walnut tree bloomed for the first time, but there was no fruit. The tree bloomed this year, too, but we thought there would be no fruit this year either. But then, in July, I discovered something on my tree. And yes, it was walnuts: not enough to feed a family, but at least two fruits.

So we're watching the fruits every day, very excited to see how this finally turns out. Title on LO: Finally

I made this layout for a Scraplift Chain over at MyScrapbooknook. Have you ever tried that? It was so much fun! I was first one on my team and was given a sketch to create from. I sent my layout to Laurence, who was the next on our team, she sent her layout to Lilith and so we passed layouts on until all the members on the team was done. You can see the whole reveal here.

I'm stalking the mailman these days. Why? just have a look at this:

Lets make something gorgeous with the new Lost & Found lines from My Mind's Eye! With snappy black and yellow, tempered with a touch of bluest sky, your memories will dazzle showcased with this beautiful kit! This kit blooms with flowers, sparkly pins, journaling inspired stamps, super cute ruffle trim and much, much more! Perfect for black and white photos, art journals, cards and more!

Grab your kit today before they sell out! A deal this pretty flies off the shelves in a hurry!
But wait - there is more:
Danni and Leah are giving card classes. And to get your mojo flowing, they have put together this wonderful card kit:

You can read all the details about the classes and see more photos of the kit here, and buy the kit here. I promise you, I was the first one in line in the shop when I saw this!

So tell me, what have you seen in shops you just couldn't resist lately?

2 kommentarer:

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

Lovely layout! Love the story behind the tree. The kit looks awesome too.

I hope you are doing well!

Love always, Nadia.

LG sa...

Gorgeous work! Love how you place each element