mandag 17. oktober 2011

I haz a happy - and a two pager

Are you good at keeping secrets? I am, but it's hard, so I'm happy I can shout from the roof tops just a few days after receiveing a happy mail from Kristine Davidson:

I'm now a proud DT member of the lovely sketch blog Creative Scrappers - I'm telling you for a sketch junkie like me, this is scrapper's heaven *lol*

So congrats to me and all the other DT members:

Janna Werner - Germany
Brenna Smith - Canada
Fiona Kenward - Australia
Ana Castro - Brazil
Hilde Aaslund - Norway
Ulrika Blomfelt - Sweden
Kerryn Lawson - Australia
Myriam Mantion-Ginel - France
Daniela de Sá - Brazil
Solange Marques - Brazil
Marielle LeBlanc - Canada
Marie-Anne Kimpton - France
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland
Mariska Walter - Netherlands
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA
Amelia Khalik - Malaysia
Felicitas Klink - Germany
Marianne Sjoberg - Norway
Marina Yazawa (Kanga) - Japan
Marie Johansson - Sweden

Do you, like me, have school photos lying around? Do you, like me, find them hard to scrap? I don’t know if it is the size they come in, they are often so big, the colors, the theme…

Here, we all get a copy of a group photo, too, when the kids are 1th graders. I must admit I was very disappointed when we got a collection of portrait photos instead, when my oldest son was six. It has hung in his room until now, but when we did a renovation there two weeks ago, I decided to scrap it – the kid is now a 7th grader and find this photo not very decorative any more *lol*

Over at MyScrapbooknook I have a class where I share with you how you can make a portrait collection like this a little more interesting by transforming it to images perfect for a two pager.

What do you do with school photos? Frame them? Hide them? Scrap them? Tell me, I'm curious!

5 kommentarer:

Sue Lui sa...

Congrats Hilde!

pysselpetra sa...

wohooo grattis vännen

knopkiniukai sa...

gorgeous !!! I have the same papers now :)

Marinette sa...

Yoohoo!! Huge Congrats Hilde!!!! I'm so happy for you!
Your 2 pager is fabulous! Bravo!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Congrats Hilde! I am so happy for you!

Fab 2 pager! As to school pictures, they are usually tucked away but I have pulled a bunch out for a one pager DT assignment. Love how many you got on this layout!:)