mandag 7. november 2011

MyScrapbooknook Blog Hop Winner

Thank you to all of you who participated in the blog hop and left a comment on my blog.

Due to tecnical issues with the message board, we are not ready yet to announce the winner from the "official" part of the blog hop. If the issues continues, it's most likely we'll announce the winners on our Facebook page, so make sure you Like us. Our FB page is a great source for chatting with us while the the message board is down, showing your creations etc. And I promise you: the DT is following our FB page closely :-)

Anyway, I let do the drawing on my blog hop RAK and here is the drawing:

Big congrats, Pysselpetra, you are the winner of a huge pack of budgie feathers!
No, I'm still joking, but e-mail me your adress, or send me a message at FB, and I'll send you a little something!

And if you're a good girl, Petra, I'll send you this card to go with the prize, made with the beautiful MME Card Kit from MyScrapbookNook.

3 kommentarer:

Sherri sa...

Yay Petra, congrats girl! Hilde, that card is adorable, you'd better include it :)

pysselpetra sa...

yayyyy I am doing the happy dance and have a big grin on my face

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Congrats Petra and a great card Hilde!:)