onsdag 23. november 2011

Stop And Scrap Giveaway Winners - and something not for sale


I'm sorry about the delay in picking winners for the SAS Give away. I have had some internet issues over here, so I haven't been able to access until now. Don't you love it when your internet providers tell you "to check on their home page to see if there are known issues in your area" when you call them to ask what's going on?

I decided to let Random.org do my drawing: I gave orders to pick four numbers between 1 and 18 and had decided that the first numeber on the list would be the winner of the big prize, the $25 GC.

Here are numbers which Random.org picked:

The $10 GCs goes to Skippy, Julie E and TheBluebird11
Chad: you are the winner of the $25 G!

Congrats, ladies. Please send me an e-mail (see the right hand bar), so I can get your e-mail adresses. You have until Friday 4PM GMT+1 to claim your prizes. I'll draw new winners if any of the prizes are unclaimed.


Do you ever scrap your kids' art?

I have tons of drawn mastrpieces made by my kids, and I admit I just store most of them. But I love this clay eagle by DS9 so much that I just had to scrap about the fact that it is Not For Sale! Isn't it cute?

made with MyScrabooknook July Kit

2 kommentarer:

LG sa...

The layering looks so much fun in this page with that doodling

Laurence sa...

Congrats to the winners, I find easier to scrap about my kid's art than to keep them for real... I like your page, it's so funny !