søndag 5. august 2012

Authentic Doilies Giveaway

Have you noticed the doilies on these two layouts?

Would you like some?

I got a lot from my mum a while ago. She had tidied up in and old aunt's house, and she found a lot of authentic doilies, embroderies and laces. Auntie was the kind of person who would cut off any piece of lace or embrodery of an outworn piece of clothe, so there was a lot. More than I probably will use.

So I want to share some of this pieces with one of my readers, a giveaway.

Here is what I am going to give away, as well of some vintage brads and flash cards, and  a few other surprises:

Click on images for a better view of the details

Do you want them?

Here is how you do to get your tickets to the lottery:
  • You have to be, or become, a follower of my blog, or follow me by NetworkBlogs (or both).
  • Leave me a comment on this blogpost, and you have your first ticket.
  • Link to my blog on yours, and include one of the two images above, write a new comment on this post with a link back to your blog, and you have your second ticket.
  • Link back to this blog post on FB, write a comment on this post to tell you did, and you have your third ticket :-)
  • You need to make individual comments for each of the options above, to get multiple tickets.
  • Easy, right?
You have until Sunday August 12th midtnight Central European Time to enter (yes, I will ship internationally). I will draw the lucky winner in the beginning of the following week.

Good luck!

PS. For every 10th comment I will add more items to this giveaway, so the more the merrier :-)

EDIT August 11th: Some circular 8"netting and a cute advent calendar (It's less than four months until you can start open it, you know) are added:

19 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

I would love to get some of these nice doilies ♥ amazing pages you have made with them ♥ what a luxery to have the real stuff

pysselpetra sa...

Link on FB - check

pysselpetra sa...

I linked on my blog http://mittkreativakaos.blogspot.se/2012/08/authentic-doilies-giveaway.html but told them not to go to your blog because I wanna win them myself ;-)

Jules the Bling Princess sa...

Nice try Petra. :-) I'm going to win them, lol!!! Linked on Network Blogs - done.

Jules the Bling Princess sa...

Facebook link - done! :-) Two done, one to go.

Jules the Bling Princess sa...

Link on my blog - done! Here's the link: http://julestheblingprincess.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/scoobies-got-giveaway.html

Nicole Doiron sa...

I am a new follower of your blog! So glad to have found you! :)

Nicole Doiron sa...

I have added a sidebar picture of your giveaway on my blog with a link to your blog. http://scrap-utopia.blogspot.com

Monique Liedtke sa...

Love the doilies and the trim Hilde!!! (and I've been following you forever)!

I'm having a give-away too (a Jenni Bowlin kit), check it out, it's fun!

Have fun in Greece my dear friend!!!!

Leah Killian sa...

Ooh- ME! I love doilies :-)

Leah Killian sa...

and I'm a follower.

Carol sa...

LOVE the doilies!!!!
i totally want to make a doily garland one of these days ;) what a fun prize;) and I'm a follower ;)

Kate Vickers sa...

I'm a new follower Hilde! Thanks forthw chance, those doilies and trim are beautiful!

phamil sa...

I love all of your pages, and these are gorgeous! I love your use of the doilies and trim! I would love to win this!!! I'm a follower too.

phamil sa...

I posted this on my blog here:

phamil sa...

Don't know if that worked: try this

phamil sa...

Linked it to my facebook here:

Erin Blegen sa...

Great giveaway Hilde!! Already a follower of course :)~


Mitra Pratt sa...

Loved your kissed by the sun page and great give away!!!