fredag 17. august 2012

Family Portrait


Have you ever been on vacation (or somewhere else) when somebody sticks up a camera in your face, to sell the photo to you later on? It happened to us outside our hotel in Corfu - as so many places before that.

It's very, very rare my family get to take family portraits, so I grabbed the opportunity when I saw the photo was of a decent quality (ok, not of a very hig standard, but good enough). But I became a bit surpriced when the photographer printed out such a large photo. Hello, I haven't scrapped large photos in ages!

Anyway, here we are, the family:

Somebody should tell DS9 he gets double cheeks when he smiles like that!

I got the idea for this layout when I saw this week's sketch at the Basic Grey blog. Originally the sketch was designed as a two pager, but I chose to use only the left part of it.

Do you, like me, have collections you love so much that you refuse to toss out the scraps, or never get tired of it? I do, and one of them is the Basic Grey (BG) Hello Luscious. I just love the happy colors which shouts Summer! at me. I have used this collection on this page, and added some rubons from BG Origin, one of my other favourites.

PS, One wich the photographer would you use a better flash. See how much darker we adults become because we are further away from it? Not that I mind having a dark tan, but it looks a kind of weird...

Are you good at having family portraits taken?

3 kommentarer:

Sherri sa...

I love how you all look 'sun-kissed', gorgeous. Your boys are terribly handsome too :) Family portraits are always 'fun' here also, with dh being fair skinned, and the rest of us being darker. Then there's him so tall, and me so short, I hate standing up photos of us together. I've adopted a new attitude however, that no matter what "a" picture is better than "no" picture :) Hugs Hilde, happy weekend to you.

pysselpetra sa...

det ser så underbart härligt ut ♥ skönt att ni fick lite riktig sommar också

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

It's a cute photo no matter the tech difficulties. Such a beautiful family and a great layout to preserve the memory of your adventure.:)