søndag 18. november 2012

Favorite room

Do your family have a favorite room in the house? In my family it's the kitchen: everything seem to happen there: School work, eating, cooking, it's the game zone, computer room, the pets' sleeping area, where we party, read etc etc.

It' nice to have a place where both family and friends gather, but it gets incredibly messy because of it, too. Like when the kids bring friends and they leave their jackets on the chairs instead of in the wardrobe. Like when DS10 has messed up his own room so badly, that he need the kitchen table for creating one of his giant paper projects. Or like when DS13 and his gang uses the said table as a gaming spot, and just leave it all there when they decide it's time to do something else.

I found inspiration for this layout in this week's CSI challenge:

My evidence is the woodgrain background paper and the buttons, my testimony is documenting a favorite room.

What's your family's favorite room?

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