lørdag 16. april 2011

Spring Fever - do you fancy a challenge?

HEY HEY HEY everyone!!!
(And an extra Hey to Nadia C - you will discover I have cut and pasted this words from you blog *blushing*)

Fancy a few quick challenges this weekend? We've got a bunch of fun challenges ready for you at My Scrapbook Nook for some weekend relaxin' and scrappin'! Jump right in and create a long with us- you just might win one of the prizes we have up for grabs, and you will definitely get your creative mojo flowing! Our theme is SPRING!

It isn't a big, overwhelming contest..... it's just weekend fun! You can check out the newly re-designed message board and gallery and get back into the swing of things with inspiration from our great design team!

My challenge is this:

Good morning/afternoon/ night - depends on where in the world you are ! Are you going somewhere in the near future? Having an Easter break? Visiting someone? If you ARE visiting someone, do you plan on bringing a gift? Not necessarely a big one, it can be home made chutney, a flower, a bag of donuts.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a home made gift tag to go with it? The challenge: To create a tag (or more) inspired either by spring or Easter. To participate in this challenge you should also upload your tag in your Nook gallery, name it weekend challenge #6, and attach it in this thread before midnight (PST) on Sunday 17th April 2011. I will choose one winner by random draw who will receive a RAK from me! Happy creating!!!! :-)

What do you say? Do you fancy a challenge?

5 kommentarer:

knopkiniukai sa...

O yes, this is so gorgeos tag! I like it very much!

Lean sa...

cool tag and challenge ..how whas your bike ride and the sweet goats.
And where the cupcakes yummie enough..

Irene sa...

Åh, herregud, så herlig den der var :-D God påske!

Lou sa...

Absolutely GORGEOUS Tag Hilde!! Love it and it is sooo cute and creative!! I lurked at the Nook before and had a little peek... :)
Lou xx

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

Hehehe! Dont worry...I copied them from the newsletter that went out this morning ..shhhhhhhhhhh! LOL!