søndag 19. februar 2012

Her planet need her, Tuesday giveaway winners and a Woot

Let me start with some Tuesday Giveaway winners:

February 7th Giveaway: Maria
February 14th Giveaway: Amanda Jane

Ladies, you have one week to claim your prizes - shoot me an e-mail with your full name and shipping adress to my e-mail adress in the right hand bar, and I'll send you your prizes :-)


The brag part of this blog post:

I have had to move some of the images from my blog. Do you want to know why? Will this image give you the answer?

The Scrapbook News And Review Volume #5 Issue #2 is going up later today and I am very excited. My scrappy goal for 2012 is to submit and get published, I admit that. Not to be famous and celebrated, but to see if I can push myself, get confirmed that I have established a style (hmmm, do you recognize that feeling, not beeing sure about your style?) and see if working towards a spesific goals forces me to try out new approaches to scrapbooking, not running in the same old track.

I will have two layouts in this issue of the magazine, both of them in the Pet department and about our budgies: one happy, and one very sad. So have a look for them, I'll shout out in my blog when I know which pages they are on.


She Must Go

... her planet needs her.

All Materials from MyScrapbookNook February Kit
featuring October Afternoon Sasparilla collection

I do a lot of thinking when it comes to titles on my layouts. I want the titles to say more than just what the photos shows, go behind the images shown.

If you are a cat owner, you will probably understand my title pretty easily. Can you tell me WHY a cat will spend so much energ on doing a long jump from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table, when it would be far less calory burning to just slide down from the counter, walk over the floor and then just access the table via the chair?

Close up showing my hubby's good looking behind

And according to my cat's attitude, the kitchen table is her kingdom and her planet...

Have a fabolous week, with or without prizes, glory and cats! Anything to share?

9 kommentarer:

Laurence sa...

Congrats ! I don't have a cat but I watch Simon's cat (google'll help you!) and I love that !

scrappin_in_AK sa...

I love your pet pages - not surprised you have some being published in SNR - congrats

pinkalishious sa...

lol love your page, its no wonder it got picked, congrates chick xx

Gina sa...

congrats Hilde!!..just adore your page..so cute! Gx

Amanda Jane sa...

Congratulations on getting published. And on photographing your cat mid-leap.

pysselpetra sa...

GRATTIS och fantastiskt fångat foto - imponerande ♥

Marinette sa...

Mouarf!! Love the picture of your layout! So funny;)
I always love the way you mix your papers!!
Congrats my sweet friend, I'm so happy for you♥

Annika sa...

Grattis!! Härlig layout!

Danielle sa...

Congrats on your publication!! Your layout is hilarious! Love that title.