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What have Redneck Parrots, CSI and OUAS in common?

I think it is a good idea to open this post with an explanation on the title:

OUAS: Once Upon A... Sketch - A sketch challenge blog.
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CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration - A color challenge blog Click here to visit their page


Redneck Parrot:

A hen.... and DS9
 Journaling says:
Simen wants an Ara parrot, but mum says no: they need too much attention.
But hens are cute and doesn't demand that much, she claims.
And Simen had to agree when classmate Robin brought his pet hen.

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So what do these three have in common?

Here it is: OUAS and CSI have teamed up in September, which means OUAS brings you four sketch challenges this month, all with a color twist, and CSI brings you four color challenges, all with a sketch twist.

And the redneck parrot (and the kid)? Their story was told by help of this month's OUAS/CSI file (not OUAS DT work for me this week, I'm on at case file #38):

I had a hard time photgraphing my layout, but the layout do use all five colors (even with a touch of darker grey on the background paper, a really old BG one). And I have followed the sketch pretty close.

My Evidence:
  • Mesh (Authentic mesh, must be 7-8 years old - I never had the heart to toss it out)
  • Leaves (two large metal leaves + two on pins)
  • Fibers (in some of the buttons)
  • Scattered elements across the page (buttons)
My testemony
  • Scattered journaling

OK, please tell me:

Do you have those redneck moments, too?

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