søndag 17. oktober 2010

Have you ever made a Swinging Shutter Layout?

This is my first!

I bought some page protectors for the purpose long time ago, thinking they would be perfect for those layouts with lots of photos. I mean, how can you possible put a whole day downtown Paris in a single pager? At least, I can't.

OK let's start with the front.

Did you notice the vertikal slit in the middle of the paper? No? Have a look again.

When you open the page in the middel - this is what you get (click on image to get a bigger one):

Genious, right?
I kept the middle pages flat to make sure the front pages would close properly .

All materials from MyScrapbooknook October kit

2 kommentarer:

Ali sa...

Absolute genius! Love the look of the kit you used too :)

pysselpetra sa...

super cool (and beautiful) need hose page protectors!!!