søndag 10. oktober 2010

I saved my puppy from drowning!

OK, she's not a puppy any more. She is six, but she pretty much looks like a puppy and certainly acts like one.

Anyway. Sunday three weeks ago was a beautiful day and we took the dogs for a swim. We threw some sticks to them, but one of them was obviously to heavy and big for RL Scoobie. She started drifting away from the beach, but no way she would let the stick go.

In the the end the panic took her, and she just splashed around. I had no choice than getting my clothes off and swim out to get her, or she would have drowned. Don't forget: I live in Norway, we are heading winter here: I'm taking fall colors and - as I chose to call it - refreshing water.

Luckily, hubby was there with me. He had his camera. And took some pictures *lol*. And as lots of neighbours were on the beach, BBQing and fishing, I was happy I had pretty underwear on that day.

All materials are from the MyScrapbooknook October kit. If you want to know how I made this two pager layout, I have made a tutorial here.

Click on picture for a larger image:

3 kommentarer:

LilleAsk sa...

Fantastisk redning Scoobie. Som du sier, må man, så må man. Selvom vannet er kaldt. Ikke minst, herlig LO. Likte godt fargene du har brukt og "stripsene" med papir. Det gav en helhet og bandt sammen LO'en.
Ha en strålende uke.

Lean sa...

oooo so happy scoobie is saved by you lovely lo you made of this adventure..

Tanya Tahir sa...

You truly are amazing, Hilde. One for saving your beautiful dog and being brave enough to strip down to your underwear, in front on people, to do it. And two, because you scrapped this so well - I love it!! I am so glad you're on the Nook team :)