tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Back in business

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DS11 is hooked on soccer. The story which explains why he didn't play at the school team from the beginning, why he took last season off and just played golf, is a long story. And I'm not going to bore you with details. Just beleive me - it had it's reasons!

But this february he was ready to go back, back to playing matches and he was even ready to join the school team. And they had open arms waiting for him - that is so heart warming.

And this is what the journaling is about!

This layout is my entry for this sketch challenge at Get Picky. Once again I found myself attracted to their challenges - they really make my mojo flow and make ideas pop! I bet you are like me: you browse a dusin of challenge blogs, and most of them you find completely uninteresting. But there are those who catch your attention every single time! Why is it like that? What make one challenge blog more attractive to you than other? The others aren't bad either, they are just not you, right? But this I know - Get Picky is one of my favs, and if I'm stuck in a route, their challenges push me forward!

Thank you Tanya and Nikky for providing us such lovely challenges, and thank you DT for beeing such a source for inspiration!

3 kommentarer:

Lean sa...

this is a cool soccer/boy´s page you made like the soccer details you have used.

Helen Tilbury sa...

Love this Hilde! I have 2 football crazy boys myself!! Mine also took a season off - these boys...so many politics - sometimes a break is good to give them a fresh start - love the title!!

Keri sa...

That tiny sporty banner at the top is awesome, and I love the title and the gorgeous journaling as well! Love your take each time with the Get Picky challenges, Hilde!