torsdag 12. mai 2011

I haz a happy - and a sad

Let's start with the happy:

You know we have a Nook Virtual crop starting in a few hours? Here is the happy:

Lily Bee is our AWESOME grand prize sponsor. . .
Because LB "Picket Fence" will be featured in our next kit!

If you win the grand prize at this crop, you not only get to enjoy Picket Fence in your kit- but "This & That" and "Happily Lost" - complete collections!

Many of our other challenges will also have prizes- in fact, we will be giving away complete May kits for a few!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! Where: here

Then it's the sad part:

You know I have an English Cocker spaniel, a black and white beauty. But did you know I had two dogs until this January? I had an thirteen year old, blue roan English Cocker Spaniel, which I had to let go as her age was showing clearly on her. It was a hard decision to make, but I wanted her to have pride and dignity left even on her last days, so we chose to put her down before she was too sick and heavy medicated.

Here is a layout about her and DS11 on her last night. I made this layout for the Nook Crop in February.

5 kommentarer:

Lean sa...

You made a sweet page of your precious must miss him alot.But he did had a cool doggy age so i think he had the best doggy life with you and your family..


Laurence sa...

Been there, done that, I know how sad it is. At least you keep the good memories with your nice page.

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

Oh so sweet. I am sorry to hear that you had to make that decision...its never easy is it?

And I love how simple this layout is ...just has a nostalgic feel to it..w

Good job on using flowers again...VERY good

Lean sa...

i see my comment is problems to .
You made a lovely page of your sweet old friend!!
happy weekend byeee,lean

LG sa...

this is amazing! Loving all the negative space