torsdag 22. september 2011

I have been playing - Just Because

Last thursday I was on my way to Oslo on a meeting when I was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, there had probably been an accident in one of the tunnels as the traffic was Not. Moving. At. All.
After a while I realized I never would make that meeting, so I called in and told was have happened.

But I was lucky. The first junction where we could take off is where I exit the highway for my LSS! So I went there instead *lol*

At the shop I discovered some great templates/masks from TheCraftersWorkshop. I'm not a mask and mist type, but I really wanted to try a few of them with ink or paint. So I bought two, the brick and the Butterfly meadow. And I'm dying to get my hands on the Chicken Wire!

So I have played with the Brick template, ink pads, old papers and stuff. Just because I wanted to. Just because. I have an idea on how to use the other template, too, I just need some time to do it.

Anywhere, here is my first attempt on using a mask:

The title says "Yes! Finally tall enough" and the layout features DS11, finally tall enough to take the big boy's attractions in the amusements parks, here in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Have you tried anything new lately, at least new for you *lol*?

5 kommentarer:

Laurence sa...

I bought myself 8 bottle of misting (I forgot a white one) and I can't wait to play too ! Your background is really fabulous and the page too !

Annika sa...

Great job with the mist and mask! I'd like to try that too!

Cynthia Lloréns sa...

I just love your page ...just great the way you use the mist and mask!!!You are a very talented girl !!
Thanks for always coming to my blog and leave so many nice and sweet comments.
You make me a very happy person.
I wish a wonderful weekend.
Kisses and huges from Brazil

LG sa...

the brick background is so cool!!! I will definitely try that

pysselpetra sa...

brick templates är så användbara ♥ snygg diffus mistning