tirsdag 6. september 2011

My friends have the impression they are going to be celebreties!

... just because I promised them they would be broadcasted internationally if I could show the photos I have taken of them. Well they are, a kind of, but I doubt they are goung to be very rich, even if they get famous *lol*

Let me introduce you to the family we spend a lot of time with - our best friends. We have learnt to know them as their boy is in DS11's class and we have spent plenty of time watching soccer games together, beeing on field trips - but also by having BBQs together and just beeing friends. A few years ago DS11 had issues with staying over night at other people's houses, but with this family he felt safe and comfortable. He loves the mum's tea, say's the little sister "is OK", claimes the dad is a real macho and still has the boy as his BF.

In the middle of august they boys had a soccer tournament in Sweden. It was too long to drive back and from each day, so most of the boy's families joined and stayed at a camping lot in the neighbourhood. And so did our friends, that is what both the title and journaling is about.

Here is one fun thing to do at those events: bring your camera, put on a 18-270 mm lense, zoom in people and shout their names! When they turn to see who's calling, shoot their portraits! The portraits get so natural and people look your way without staring. I got a lot of great portrait photos of both kids and adults, and nobody asked me to delete. Next year, when DS11 hits 8th grade, the class will be split, and it will be good to have photos of both classmates, siblings and parents from the "old" class.

I'm waiting for my September MyScrapbooknook Kit to arrive and had saved the photos on the layout above for this. But when Basic Grey yesterday put up a sketch challenge on their new blog, I so wanted to play. And on second thought: I need these photos both for a layout in our album and for a layout to give away, right? So I scrapped them yesterday, and will do them again when the kit arrive! Yeah! Twice the fun!

What do you say? You don't recognize the sketch in my layout? Oh, I'm sorry - let me show you the trick!

Here is the original sketch:

Twist it - and voila! More recognizable, even if I added an extra photo?

Thank you for taking your time to stop and have a look - I really do appreciate it!

Background paper: BG Basics
Alpha: BG Dark Chocolate Chip.
Embellies: BG origins

5 kommentarer:

Lean sa...

o yes the are famous now...Cool page you have made with them.They will be proud at you..

line sa...

NYDELIG! Så flott å få hele familien på og samme LO på denne måten :) Jeg likte alt ved denne!

Laurence sa...

great story and great page ! I love sketches and I love diverging from them !

teacher jessy sa...

Wow this gorgeous Hilde! I love all the fussy cutting & how u twist the sketch to suit ur awesome style :)

Ali sa...

Fabulous take on the sketch Hilde - I love twisting, turning and flipping a sketch - you do it so well!