fredag 2. september 2011

Friday night date with my hot hunk!

Do you remember this post, the challenge and the inspirational post to with it?

Off course I wanted to play, and it made me finally scrap about my own hot hunk.
We have been married for 15 years and we lived in sin a couple of years before that. All those years we have been true to one thing: the Friday Night Date.

It's nothing complicated, really: We don't even go out at our dates. We make a good steak at home, share a bottle of wine and have those good conversations. It's our fixed meeting point where we update and share what's going on. I hear lots of couples saying they don't have time to sit down and talk - I state it is all about priorities. I'm addicted to those Friday nights, feel guilty if anything else more important comes up (it really has to be THAT important if you want me to skip the date) and I believe it's one of those details that keep our marriage healthy.

So if you wonder why I'm never online on Friday nights, you now know why!
When was the last time you dated your loved one, btw?

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Sherri sa...

Have a great date night Hilde! Dh and I try to do the once a month date night too, we fall off the bandwagon a lot though :) We were out just a couple of weeks ago for dinner at a new Tapas style restaurant, yum.

Me contacter en privé ... sa...

Hmmm, I wonder if it's too late for us to do this... but it's a cool idea, so have a great date tonight !

Me contacter en privé ... sa...

Ha ha, don't know what happened with my account, the name "me contacter en privé" is not my usual name... lol ! It's not spam though or some kind of nasty invitation, it's me, Laurence.

Marinette sa...

Wonderful layout! Love this Bg line! Hope you had a good date night;-)
Gros bisous

krumeluran sa...

gorgeous page sweetie!!

Ali sa...

Cool design Hilde - loving the white space and the string. Rob and I go out for coffee at least twice a week - does a coffee date count? We both look forward to it and it's when we talk :)

pysselpetra sa...

älskar utnmaningen och älskar din tolkning