mandag 17. desember 2012

Celebrating Saint Lucy's Day

... or Saint Lucia's Day as we say in Norway.

From Wikipedia: "For the traditional observance of the day, school children form processions through the hallways of the school building carrying candles, and hand out lussekatt buns. While rarely observed at home, parents often take time off work to watch these school processions in the morning, and if their child should be chosen Lucia it is considered a great honor. Later on in the day, the procession usually visits local retirement homes, hospitals, and nursing homes"
You can read more about this tradition here.

All manufactorers unknown - this a true mix of stuff found in my scrap boxes :-)

Saint Lucy's Day is on December 13th. In our school, it is the fourth graders who do the processions, and last year it was my youngest son's turn.

    As you may know I'm guest designing for CSI this monthe, and this is my example for CSI Case #50  The color combo in this challenge was just perfect for my photos and the theme and it was great to finally have them scrapped!   CSI Case File # 50:  
Colors: OK Evidence: Ribbon, wood, shimmery/shiny items Testimony: Documenting holiday tradition     Do you celebrate Saint Lucy?

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