onsdag 5. desember 2012

House rules - CSI file #47

Have you ever concidered visiting me and my family? Beware that we have house rules!

Did that scare you?
Don't be scared, they are very easy, just like the journaling on this layout says:

We really don't have many house rules guests need to have in mind - maybe three?

*this isn't a hotel so you need to tidy up yourself
*our butler's name is Do-It-Yourself
*guests are like fish - after three days they smell

And as our kids some times behave like they are guest in this house, the rules go for them, too."

Patterned papers: CSI Coordinates, MME. Rubon house: Maya Road. Rubon swirls: Hambley
Journaling cards: Chick TagsAlpha:AC. Ribbons, buttons, mesh, key & twine: Unknown

Do you have house rules?


I admit it: I some times run out of ideas/topics to scrap about, but the CSI Challenges ("Case Files") always push me in the right direction. My brain start work as soon as the challenges go live, and for the past three months I have scrapped stories I never had thought of. It's easy to think we just want to remember the vacations and happy days when we browse the albums in thirty years, but these "out of the box" themed layouts will surely bring back memories of what our real life was like, the everyday life.

This goes for CSI case file #47, too:

The CSI printables ("coordinates") was fabolous this round, so I didn't even bother to dig into my pile of papers - I just grabbed the printable papers and used them - how easy is that?

This is how I solved this case:
  • Colors: OK
  • Evidence: Patchwork pattern, mesh (golden, behind photo and house), flourishes (rubons)
  • Testimony: Etiquette guide (the house rules)

I also admit I'm happy and proud to find this layout on the CSI Watch List this week:

Tell me: do you ever run out of ideas/topics to scrap about, or is it just me?

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pysselpetra sa...

I do hope we did play by the rules because we plan to visit again ;)
Tack för sist och sist och sist och må vi träffas många gånger till