onsdag 19. desember 2012

Stickles is a girl's best friend (cards)!

I was good and sat down last weekend to write the last Chistmas greetings, but I ran out of cards! Bummer, I thought I had made plenty.

So a girl got to do what a girl got to do: whip up some last minute Christmas cards.
In early december I needed to stock up some papers with pink in, as I had ran completely out, and I bough a super cute collection from Panduro/Tilda, called Christmas Play. My original intention was to use it for non seasonal stuff, but as it had some lovely themed cut outs, I thought I could use it for seasonal cards as well.

These cards are far out from my traditional style, but I enjoyed making them, and they were rater quick to make.

So where do the Stickles come in?
When I had put these cards together, I thought they missed the little extra. So I pulled out the good old Stickles and some Glossy and added on my cards to make them a little more festive and to add smore dimension.

Volia! Not so dull cards anymore.
It might be difficult to see the stickles and the glossy on these lousy images, but believe me, it's there :-)

What do you use to make your cards pop?

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Nadia Cannizzo sa...

I really like these Hilde. They look cool!! Great work.

pysselpetra sa...


Monique Liedtke sa...

Gorgeous cards Hilde!!! Really super cute!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy sa...

Very cool! Love all the details and whimsicalness!:)