tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Kult! / Cool!

DS8's reaction when I asked him how scuba diving in the pool was like (see the previous post for the story).

As I said in my previous post, I planned to make a swinging shutter layout for the entire scuba diving story. The 6*12" layout above is the left side of the multiple page layout, her comes the right side:

The basic design on both this pages is Sketch #227 from PencilLines.
The middle of this layout was made to fit the to swinging edges - her is what the layout looks like when it's all put together (I'm sorry the colors are bad on the right side - the lence I used for the photo seems to be too weak for such a wide angel, but when I discovered there was no daylight left...).

DS8 didn't dare to dive in the open sea - too big waves - but hubby did!

Thank you for taking you time to stop and have a look! All your visits and comments mean a lot to me!

6 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

Jag gillar verkligen dina 6x12 layouter - underbart klara färger och härlig design!

Carol sa...

love the dimensions on that!!! makes for a really cool looking page ;)

Anonym sa...

Love the layout girl and those 6x12 pages are awesome!!

Marinette sa...

J'adore ta page, la mise en page est vraiment superbe et les couleurs mmhhhh j'adore
Gros bisous♥

Lilith sa...

Love the idea of the three parts. So cool and the result is stunning.

LG sa...

This is so cool! I should try this too. Thanks for the inspiration