søndag 6. mars 2011

The scuba diver

At the hotel we stayed at in Grand Canary Island, there were different activities each day,anything from soccer to shuffle board, and they were for both kids and adults. One day there was this Introduction to Scuba Diving, and there was an instructor from the local diving center to guide us. DS10 wanted to give it a try, and after going throught necessary safety procedures, he was allowed to go scuba diving in the pool, the instructor following him very closely.

we felt very comfortable with this instructor and the safety precautions he took, so when DS10 asked if he could take a class an the diving center the next day, and then go scuba diving in the sea with the instructor, we said yes. To see how this goes, keep an eye on my blog, because my next layouts will be from that class and the dives.

Btw, did you notice the vertical slit/line in the middle of this layout? It's there because this is going to be the front page on a "swinging shutter" layout. If you haven't heard of it, here is an example. In my next post on this blost, I will reveal the inside pages of this multipage layout, so stay tuned!

This page was made with Creativ Scrapper'Sketch #145, and all papers are from SEI.

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