torsdag 24. mars 2011


The lovely march kit from MyScrapbookNook is full of feminin papers from the Emma's Shoppe collection from Crate paper. I admit it, it's quite challenging when most of the pages and cards I make are boy's pages. But I have gotten used to it over the years, twisting my brain to find out how to make masculine layouts and cards with feminin pages - in my previous post you will find one typical example and I'll put up a few more next week.

So it feels GOOOOOOOD when I finally get to scrap in pink and other super girly colors. I wanted do some feminin stuff early this week, but didn't know excactly what, then Zarah challenged me to do a BOM in girly colors.


I haven't done a BOM in ages! As I often scrap my family's holidays and everyday moments, and hubby often is the one behind the camera, I show up in the layouts, but they aren't real BOMs.


Then it stroke me: I thought I had bought my last pair of jogging shoes, as I don't run anymore. I HIKE and therefore I have hiking shoes. I quitted smoking in January, and anyone who has done that knows that the kilos come sneaking on, so suddenly I found myself in a GYM. Holly crap, I haven't been in a gym since the late 80's! And in a gym, hiking shoes are totally useless, so I needed to buy my self new jogging shoes. My kids use the same shoe size as me, and I know that they easily will steal mine if theirs are wet, so to avoid that I bought shoes with lots of pink. Honestly, I believe my boys will rather walk bare feet then be seen in a pair of pink Puma shoes!

So that's what the journaling is about: why I have pink shoes!

3 kommentarer:

Annette sa...

Den är underbar! Så läckert disponerad och kul med den humoristiska twisten!

Zarah sa...

Jag är EVIL... men din LO blev underbar! :D

Ali sa...

Fantastic design Hilde, fabulous shoes! Pink for boys is all the rage here, if I had those shoes they would not be safe :)