lørdag 12. mars 2011

Using up the scraps!

I'm waiting impatiently for the March MyScrapbooknook kit (se post below), and I am waiting impatiently for some new stuff I have ordered (hey hubby, I have ordered just a few items, and if you think I have too much already, I'll show you some youtube videos of other scrap spaces, and I promise, you will never, never again say I have enough).

But I can't stop scrapping just because I don't have any new stuff, or because I'm done with all my assignments for a (short) period, right? So I'm enjoying myself using up old supplies, so happy whenever there is an empty plastic bag to toss away because that means I have used up some older items!

When I saw this challenge over at Cosmo Cricket, I got this idea that I would try to use up my old CC. And I was shocked to find out that all CC I had left was some paper scraps from an old Christmas collection I don't even remember the name of, a sheet of stickers from a not so old Christmas line and plenty of chipboard from a few different collections. Oh, and there was a sheet of rubons from the Forever After collection left, my all time high fav line from CC.

I. Had. Spent. Every. Singel. Piece. Of anything else I had. Except for a few tiny alphabeth stickers. I guess that tells me I liked the papers and collections since there is nothing left.

So I grabbed my Christmas papers and stickers, and the chipboards and rubons, and made this layout about the wild animals on the Canary Islands - or to be more spesific - the lack of them:

Do you find the gekko in the photo, btw?

2 kommentarer:

Carol sa...

way to use up those old scraps ;)

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

LOL! Whenever you visit my blog, you always make me smile..:o) Thanks! You always leave me such encouraging words...I appreciate it!

Now..what do you mean yours is boring? Check out all the fancy bits and pieces on this. The photo is amazing too...so unique! And yes! I found the gekko..(I think!LOL)

Take care and many thanks!