tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Brødre - brothers - a two pager :-)


My two boys are like most brothers - they fight, argue, play - and are the best friends ever if a common enemy aproach.... So behaviour like this at the pool is, I would say, a very boyish one. Tell me, does your boys do stuff like this? If you have girls, are they into this physical gaming, too?

This two pager is made with materials from MyScrapbookNook March kit. I have prepared a how to class for this layou which will be up at the Nook MB as soon as it's running again.

This two pager might be a bit different from two pagers you normally see as it is asymetric. I got the idea from browsing some digi blogs some time back, but I cannot remember which one, so I can't leave any credits. All I remember is a double spread with a huge photo on the right side, some random put photos (polaroid?) on the left side, doilies and bright spring colors like yellow and green. Do you know which one I mean? Can you give me a link so I can leave credits? Btw, browsing digi blogs are a great source for ideas and design - they are "off course" able to do stuff "impossible" with traditional materials, but there are always a few ideas to pick up - like in any traditional blog. Tell me, where have you found your inspiration lately? papers, blogs, galleries?

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