tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Boomerang Kitten

Always returning to the back pack on the floor.

Made with MyScrapbookNook's January Kit

Does your pet have any strange habits?

4 kommentarer:

Nadia Cannizzo sa...

Hahaha! What a funny title. Love it. How sweet and gorgeous :) LOVE the use of negative space.

Alex sa...

LOL! Crazy little cat! :-) Great choice for a title! So funny. Love your design!

pinkalishious sa...

I LOVE this page of your's, make's me miss my cats, boo x

Zarah sa...

ÄLSKAR den här! Att du gjorde klistermärket till en tag är bara så bäst - den idén kommer jag att stjäla, helt fräckt! :D