tirsdag 15. mai 2012

The Lift the Person Above You Challenge

Have you ever participated in such a challenge?

When I first started scrapping years ago, I didn't like lifting much - I felt it was like cheating and copying somebody's work. But later I have found it is a fun and great way to learn both design and new tecniques: you take the elements you are attracted to, use them in your own way which fits you style - and voila! you have your own creation. That said, if I ever lift somebody, I am very awere of giving credits to the original designer - anything else would be very impolite, in my opinion.

We had a lift challenge over at MyScrapbooknook a while back and I got to lift Lindsey. here is the layout I chose to lift:

I was drawn to the fat folded border, the colors and the bug on the top.
And here is what I came up with:

My kids on the Mini Cruise during easter break

Lindsey used an embossed backround on her layout. I didn't have any, but I found it to be an important part of the general design, so I spread some buttons over my layout as a replacement.

I guess you can see it is a lift, but it still feels to me as my layout is mine :-)

Do you ever scraplift? If so, why? To learn? Because you like the design? anything else?

6 kommentarer:

Sherri sa...

Yes, I remember this. I adore your lift, the colours, the number of photos, the sweet buttons...so much to look at. Scrap lifting is by far my favorite challenge.

Sherri sa...

Oh, and btw, is this a new blog design? I don't remember it looking like this yesterday, but perhaps I'm just blind, lol.

Pam sa...

Both are gorgeous layouts, I love your take!!! And I love lifting, such a great way to get the mojo flowing! I always give credit too:)

So.Creative sa...

This is awesome Hilde! Colorful and funny... and yummy!haha! Love all the buttons and the flags^^

pysselpetra sa...

♥ älskar vimplarna ♥

Brianna Marshall sa...

great take on th e lift!I love the felt pennants!such a fun detail!