onsdag 23. mai 2012

Making Masculine Cards with Feminin Collections

I'm sourended by men IRL: I'm married to a man, my kids are boys, I work with men, I have a FIL living in an inlaw appartment in our house (but no MIL) - even our budgies are boys. The only feminin creatures in my everyday life is my cat and my dog... When I saw this image of the MyScrapbookNook May Kit I was pretty sure it was going to be a big challenge to use those papers, even if I know Leah (who coordinates the kits) has an eye for finding something for everybody:

Over the years I have developed the skill of finding masculine elements in what seems to be very feminin collections -it could be patterns or colors or anything else. And the May kit was no exception! When I pulled out the sheets and embellishments I found lots of stuff to be used for both masculine cards and layouts.

This month I have a class at the Nook Forum where I explain what I look for in the collection and how you can make lovely masculine cards with this kit: a lot of card makers seem to struggle with masculine cards. You're welcome to visit the class and get some ideas on how to make them!

Here are two examples of the cards I made for the card class - you will find more in the class and in the gallery.

Do you ever make masculine cards?
Does it come naturally to you or do you struggle, too?

2 kommentarer:

Sherri sa...

love how you cut up that sentiment paper for the last card.

Jennie M sa...

I completely understand! I only scrap masculine related stuff and it can be hard to deal with the feminine stuff. However, you did a great job!!