onsdag 9. mai 2012

Men at work >>>>> Family fun

The kids have wanted a trampoline for a long time, and we finally gave after. We spent some extra bucks on getting on of high quality, and from a manufactorer who can deliver spare parts, and hopefully it will last until they finally moves out :-)

The day the trampoline arrived at the door, the kids were very impatient to get it up, so they starte immidiately. That said they needed some help to do the final assembley, but they got pretty far by themself.

Made with MyScrapbooknook May Grab Bag featuring Echo Park This & That Charming

I admit it - my kids are the ones who use it most, but I have tried it. And so has the husband and the cat:

Made with MyScrapbooknook May Kit featuring Echo Park This  & That Graceful

Do you have a trampoline? If so, do you use it, too?

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LindaSS sa...

De var skikkelig stilig Hilde, og ja trampoline er virkelig trim.. :D