onsdag 31. august 2011

I have made this year's first Christmas gift!

In the July MyScrapbooknook there was a hinge. A cute, but rather big, cream hinge. I first thought of making a binder (boring!), but then I changed my mind and decided to make wall calender.

I made mine with what left of my July Kit, but I also used scraps from four older kits – in fact, all four of them are now completely gone from my pile (feels great – I got room for new stuff *lol*)

Making this calender was fun and I wrote a class for the Nook Forum on how to make it. Well, it's not exactly a class, but I have written down a few tips you might find useful if you want to make a wall calendar. You can find it here.

Here are the pages for each month - a mix of kits and collections!

Thank you for stopping by! Curious mind wants to know - have you made any Christmas gifts yet?

6 kommentarer:

Steph lee (Arty Carty) sa...

wow!! these are work of art!! I would not have been able to use it or give it away!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too and for your kind words!! love your sense of humor at the Nook.

Sandy Ang sa...

wow that's a calendar to inspire. thanks for dropping by mine too and leaving such an encouraging comment.

Laurence sa...

Beau-ti-ful !
And I used mine as a binding for a birthday reminder album... a kind of calendar in fact !

Nicole Nowosad sa...

WOW!@ That is gorgeous :) I love it!

Guénolée sa...

Wow! Your blog is really creative! There are here many little things so cute! Love what you do.
(Your blog is now on my bloglovin).

Elisabeth sa...

god du er! dette var lekkert som bare det!