mandag 15. august 2011

Just like when I was a kid

Some things never change and kids are doing some of the things I did when I was a kid: play soccer, bike fast, play games in the garden. It's interesting to see they find it amusing to do the good old fashioned stuff, not only newer invents like computer games.

I don't know what this game is called in English, but In Norwegian it is "Krocket". DS11 hates when I beat him, and it's even worse when grandpa, 78 years old, does it :-)

All materials from MyScrapbooknook August kit.

What old fahioned games does your kids still play?


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2 kommentarer:

Tanya Tahir sa...

this layout is SO AWESOME! You sure are the queen of white space!!!

Sherri sa...

I use to love that game as a child. We call it crocket here, pronounced crow-kay.